What is the difference between a mushroom and fungi?

If you see 'umbrella-like' thingy (with or without stalks) growing from imaginable (ground, dead wood) or unimaginable places (on a roof perhaps?), then you are looking at a mushroom. Mushroom is classified in the Fungi kingdom. So, fungi is NOT a mushroom and every mushrooms is under the big umbrella of the FUNGI kingdom.

Thus, fungi is

* A kingdom of non-photosynthetic organisms. They use spores for reproduction purposes. * Consist of moulds (think that black or green stuffs that grow on your two-week old bread or mildews that 'decorates' your damp clothings), edible and non-edible mushrooms (that have fruiting bodies such as button mushrooms, grey oyster mushrooms, reishi, shitake) and yeast (you use it for baking and the beer factory uses it for fermentation). * Can be single-celled (unicellular) or muticellular