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What is the difference between a old silver dollar and a dime?

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Other than size, appearance, and monetary value... not much. If both were minted pre 1965, then they are both 90% silver. Both underwent a few different styles. For the silver dollar, there were Liberty, Morgan, and Peace designs. Dimes were Liberty, Barber, Mercury and Roosevelt.

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the dollar is 90 cents more then the dime

A dime is small,silver and its value is 10 cents A cent is the unit for the coins under a dollar A cent (so one cent) is one penny that is made of copper and is brown and usually has Abraham Lincoln imprinted on it

It's just a silver Roosevelt dime worth about a dollar

A 1964 US dime is so common most are valued only for the silver at about a dollar.

Either a "wheat penny", silver dime, silver quarter, silver half dollar, half dollar, dollar, bicentenial quarter half-dollar dollar, error coin

The joking answer is 90 cents, but it's actually much more because silver dollars dated 1935 and earlier are worth much more than a dollar for their silver content. In fact, as of 01/2010 they can be sold to a metal dealer for at least $10 or $11, but will be worth even more to a collector.

It really depends on which coin it is. Is it a US silver dollar or dime? There is a big difference. Is it a world coin? What country is it from? All of these things matter when figuring the value of a coin.

it's worth about a dollar for the silver in it.

penny nickel dime quarter kennedy 1/2 dollar eisenhower silver dollar

"dollar waiting on a dime" not a dime waiting on a dollar. The dime represents the lower pay scale job such as a receptionist or assistant. The dollar represents the manager level position or the higher pay scale position. This expression is used to reemphasize a hierarchy between two individuals (e.g. a dollar should never have to wait on a dime because a dollar is worth more).

You can tell a coin is silver by either looking at the edge and finding it a uniform silver color (with no darker colors) or by finding a dime, quarter, half dollar or dollar with a date from before 1965. They now make silver versions of the dime, quarter and half, but only in proof sets.

The value is just for the silver, about a dollar

6 denominations were in circulation and dated 1851: Dollar, Half dollar, Quarter, Dime, Half dime and the 3 cent piece.

Eisenhower was never on the dime; he was on the silver dollar in the 1970s. Franklin Roosevelt has been on the dime since 1946. Before that, the dime featured Liberty wearing a winged cap.

Franklin D. Roosevelt first appeared on the US dime in 1946 and is still on it. Eisenhower has never been on a dime, only dollar coins starting in 1971 to the end of 1978. The value of the 1959 dime is about one dollar, just for the silver.

It depends on the denominations of the coins, a silver dollar weighs a lot more than a dime.

From least to greatest: Penny Nickel Dime Quarter Half Dollar Gold and Silver Dollar

Average condition about a dollar,uncirculated may be $5.00

A dollar is 10 dimes SO a dollar is 1000% of a dime.

It is impossible to say. Liberty is and has been featured on many US coins including the Peace Dollar, Morgan Dollar, Mercury Dime, Barber Dime, Barber Quarter, Barber Half Dollar, Walking Liberty Half Dollar, American Silver Eagle, American Gold Eagle, and many, many more. Most collectors will view the colorization of any US coin as damage and it will negatively impact value of the coin. But it is impossible to say without knowing what the coin is because there is a huge difference between, say, a Mercury dime and a Morgan Dollar.

Because of the silver content in the dime, quarter(s) and half dollar.

it is called a mercury dime it is worth 1 dollar to 50.00 dollars depends on condition

That's Roosevelt, not "Roseavelt" It can't be a half dollar either, because FDR's picture is on the dime. If you have a 1960 Roosevelt dime it's worth about $1 for its silver content. If you have a 1960 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN half dollar it's worth about $5 for its silver content.