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Pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists provide medication and other healthcare products to patients. Technicians usually perform routine tasks to help prepare prescribed medication for patients, such as counting tablets and labeling bottles. Technicians refer any questions regarding prescriptions, drug information, or health matters to a pharmacist. Pharmacists dispense drugs prescribed by physicians and other health practitioners and provide information to patients about medications and their use. They advise physicians and other health practitioners on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications. Pharmacists also monitor the health and progress of patients in response to drug therapy to ensure safe and effective use of medication. Pharmacists must understand the use, clinical effects, and composition of drugs, including their chemical, biological, and physical properties. Compoundingthe actual mixing of ingredients to form powders, tablets, capsules, ointments, and solutionsis a small part of a pharmacists practice, because most medicines are produced by pharmaceutical companies in a standard dosage and drug delivery form. Traditionally, most pharmacists work in a community setting, such as a retail drugstore, or in a healthcare facility, such as a hospital, nursing home, mental health institution, or neighborhood health clinic. "Pharmacy aide" is yet another related job. They work closely with pharmacy technicians. They are often clerks or cashiers who primarily answer telephones, handle money, stock shelves, and perform other clerical duties. Pharmacy technicians usually perform more complex tasks than do pharmacy aides, although, in some States, their duties and job titles overlap. Pharmacy technicians who work in retail or mail-order pharmacies have varying responsibilities, depending on State rules and regulations. Technicians receive written prescriptions or requests for prescription refills from patients. They also may receive prescriptions sent electronically from the doctors office. They must verify that the information on the prescription is complete and accurate. To prepare the prescription, technicians must retrieve, count, pour, weigh, measure, and sometimes mix the medication. Then, they prepare the prescription labels, select the type of prescription container, and affix the prescription and auxiliary labels to the container. Once the prescription is filled, technicians price and file the prescription, which must be checked by a pharmacist before it is given to a patient. Technicians may establish and maintain patient profiles, prepare insurance claim forms, and stock and take inventory of prescription and over-the-counter medications. In hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted-living facilities, technicians have added responsibilities. They read patient charts and prepare and deliver the medicine to patients. The pharmacist must check the order before it is delivered to the patient. The technician then copies the information about the prescribed medication onto the patients profile. Technicians also may assemble a 24-hour supply of medicine for every patient. They package and label each dose separately. The package is then placed in the medicine cabinet of each patient until the supervising pharmacist checks it for accuracy. It is then given to the patient.

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Q: What is the difference between a pharmacy technician and a pharmacist?
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What is the difference between pharmacy and pharmacist?

pharmacy is a place of work while pharmacist is the worker

What is the difference between a pharmacy clerk and a pharmacy technician?

A pharmacy clerk has no more interaction with the medicines than picking it up and handing it to the customer and taking his or her money. A pharmacy tech actually helps the pharmacist prepare the prescriptions.

Who is more educated between a pharmacy and pharmacy technician?

A pharmacist have at least 6 years of school as to were a technician in many places doesn't need any. However, that doesn't mean the pharmacists is necessarily more knowledgeable than the technician.

What are the differences between pharmacy assistant and pharmacy tech?

A pharmacy assistant usually is the person who works behind the counter and assists in OTC sales, whereas a pharmacy technician assists the pharmacist when dispensing medicines and in most cases does this for them. The pharmacist does a final check before its dispensed.

The difference between CPhT and RPh and PharmD?

CPhT - certified pharmacy technician. You have to pass the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. As a pharm tech you work under a pharmacist and may dispense drugs, but not make the medical decisions a pharmacist might make. RPh - registered pharmacist. Much like a CPhT they have taken a national & state test to become certified/licensed. They must hope a pharmacy degree, which could be either a BS (if awarded before 2000) or a doctorate (PharmD). PharmD - as state above, a doctorate in pharmacy. This is now the standard degree given to pharmacists. You can have a PharmD but not be licensed to be a pharmacist (RPh).

What is the difference between a pharmacy technician an a pharmacy assistant in Canada?

A pharmacy technician in Canada has completed a Pharmacy Technician course at a vocational college, usually a 4-6 month course. A pharmacy assistant is someone who works at a pharmacy with on the job training provided by the pharmacy. One has a certificate / diploma with a recognized standard of training and the other is recognized for their skill set by their employer only.

What is the difference between a pharmacy technician and a pharmacy aide?

technicians are lisenced and registeres. aides are simply assistants, they are not allowed to do many of the tasks that technicians can.

What is the differences between pharmacist and doctor of pharmacy?

A Doctor of Pharmacy is an academic degree. A Pharmacist is a person in charge of a pharmacy, a place where medicines are dispensed.

What is the difference between a licensed pharmacy technician and a certified pharmacy technician?

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Is there any difference between hospital pharmacy and clinical pharmacy?

Hospital Pharmacy focuses on drug dispensing where as clinical pharmacist are involved in working out the patient care & advicing Doctors and Nurses.

What is the difference between Pharmacist and Pharmacist technician?

A Pharmacist is someone who holds either a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) or a Bachelor of Science (Rph). Bachelor degree program takes minimum of 4 years to complete and is regulated by their own College afterwards. In Canada and U.S.A, this program is offered at only select Universities and is a minimum of 5 years. Currently, Rph title and Bacherlos degree in pharmacy are no longer offered. The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) candidates have to study for 6 years to get the degree in the United States but in foreign countries such as Brazil, it can take up to 14 years of studies. A pharmacy "technician" is someone who helps the Pharmacists with their work. They can be crudely categorized as the hands of the pharmacist. They will gather all pills, labels, bottles and package it for the pharmacist. They will even gather the prescription, type it up and then later ring it up at the till. The pharmacist will check all elements to make sure the prescription if correct (uses his/her head). Some Pharmacy Technicians have Pharmacy Technician Certification (CPhT) which tests the technicians to basic skills required to work in the pharmacy.

What is the difference between a pharmacy technician an a pharmacy assistant?

Pharmacy technician can do everything within the pharmacy (count drugs, type medication in, run the register, do different tasks within the pharmacy and gets paid a little more. Pharmacy assistant can pretty much only run the register and get paid less than the tech.

What is the difference between cpht and rpht?

CPhT just means that you have taken and passed the ptcb national certification test for pharmacy technician & RPhT means that you have been registered by the state you are in and required to work as a pharmacy technician.

What is the difference between a certified pharmacy technician and licensed pharmacy technician?

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What is the difference between pharmaceutical science and pharmacy administration?

pharmacutics manufacture drugs while pharmacist prescribe (give) drugs to patient

What is the difference between a pharmacy tech and a pharmacy clerk?

pharmacy clerk has no training other than how to run the register. And you get paid less. Now a days the tech does a lot of what the pharmacist used to do. The main function of a tech is to assist the pharmacist. The pharmacy clerk is just to keep things moving, but isn't allowed to fill the prescriptions even though they may sell them.

What is the hourly wage for a pharmacy technician in Meijer?

The hourly wage for a pharmacy technician in Meijer will vary depending on the state of employment. The average hourly wage is between $12 and $25.

What is the difference between an x-ray technician and a radiology technician.?

There is no difference. They are both the same

What are the difference between medicine and pharmacy?

Pharmacy is a place where prescriptions are filled !

What is the difference between pharmd and pharmacist?

Within the US a Pharm.D stands for Doctor of Pharmacy which is now the required educational level for pharmacists. The bachelor of pharmacy is no longer offered. In foreign countries, Bachelor of Pharmacy is still offered but many countries are slowly changing the degree programs to PharmD

What is the difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacologist?

A pharmacist can be a pharmacologist, but not vice versa. Pharmacologists are researchers who typically work in a laboratory setting, whereas pharmacists actually dispense medicine in a pharmacy (pharmacologists are not qualified to do this). Basically, pharmacologists research the drugs, pharmacists dispense them.

What is the difference between drugstore and pharmacy?

I think it's the same in general. But maybe drugstores are not always required to have a pharmacist if they only sell medicine but not make them. In pharmacies they can prepare prescription medicine

What is difference between retail pharmacy and community pharmacy?

These terms are usually used synonymously.

What is the Difference between pharmacy tech and pharmacist?

Pharmacy technician: >Pharmacy technician is a job title for a pharmacy staff member "who works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist, and performs many pharmacy-related functions." [1] In most cases, job duties include providing medication and other health care products to patients. Pharmacy technicians often do the routine tasks associated with preparing prescribed medication and providing drugs to patients, and may also do compounding of medications. However, pharmacists check all medications before they go to the patient, and only pharmacists may counsel patients on the proper use of medications. In the UK however, training and continuing professional development is such that pharmacy technicians are qualified to counsel patients on their medication and indeed specialist technicians paricipate in the running of anticoagulant clinics, dosing warfarin patients under dose banding guidance. In hospital pharmacy especially, pharmacy technicians generally oversee the operational management of the dispensary and manufacturing units, freeing the pharmacists to participate and develop extended clinical pharmacy roles, such as independent prescribing etc.(The text above was taken from Babylon toolbar based on a Wikipedia article)Pharmacist has a superior level and is responsible for the pharmacy and can work in a pharmaceutical industry as well. He can develop new pharmacologycal substances, in this case he is a biochemist pharmacist.

What is the difference between a vet technician and an animal technician?

That will depend on what group is granting/using the term "animal technician".