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What is the difference between a planet and an asteroid?

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a planet is much larger and travels in an ellipse around the centre of the solar system which is the sun.

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asteroid is a belt mostly made of rocks, but planets have soil and it is like big ball.

a dwarf planet is a planet that is too big to be an asteroid and is too small to be a planet and a asteroid flys around in space but a dwarf planet goes around a sun pluto is a dwarf planet

The asteroid belt is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

A dwarf planet is a body that orbits the sun - is often beyond the orbit of Jupiter and is classified below a planet. An asteroid is a body that orbits the sun within the asteroid belt.

The Planet Jupiter is between the planet Saturn and the asteroid belt. On the other side of the asteroid belt is the planet Mars.

well the difference is that asteroids are giant rocks floating around and they are part of the asteroid belt. Dwarf planets are bigger and are too big to be an asteroid and too small to be a planet.Did you know that one dwarf planet Ceres is actually one of Jupiter's largest moons!!!! :)

20780 Chanyikhei (2000 RO11) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on September 1, 2000.It is an asteroid and not a planet but does lie in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The difference between asteroid and meteorite is basically the size. Anything more than about 10 m in diameter is called an asteroid.

A comet is made of ice an asteroid is rock

In simplest terms, the difference is size. Planets are much larger than asteroids, which are in turn larger than meteoroids.

The very distinct difference between Saturn and all the other planets is it has an Asteroid ring / belt. Saturn has its own asteroid belt and no other planet does.

The very distinct difference between Saturn and all the other planets is it has an Asteroid ring / belt. Saturn has its own asteroid belt and no other planet does.

There is no planet in between Mars and Jupiter. We do have the asteroid belt, which includes Ceres, which is a dwarf planet rather than a planet.

A planet has is own rotation, gravity and atmosphere. A moon revolves around a planet and has no atmosphere. An asteroid is a large space debris moving around. A comet is consistent on mainly forzen ice moving through space at fast speeds.

No - the Asteroid belt lies between Mars and Jupiter.

Between Earth and the asteroid belt.

There is no difference between the name meteor and meteorid and meteorite but the real difference of an asteroid and a meteor is well meteors move really fast around space and an asteroid they just kinda stay there thats why they call it an asteroid field cyndaquil831 is out

Mars is the only planet between Earth and Jupiter, but there is a "dwarf planet", Ceres, which is the biggest body in the Asteroid Belt. Another large asteroid is Vesta, and there are thousands of smaller rocks orbiting between Jupiter and Mars. .

Planet Biyo has been classified as an asteroid. Planet Biyo rotates counterclockwise in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It was named after a Filipino teacher.

Ceres is classified as a dwarf planet. Ceres is a large asteroid, part of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. If it was a planet, it would be classified as an inner.

The Impact of an asteroid on other planet that there would be big collisions or clashes between them.

The most likely explanation for the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter; is that the gravitational pull of the two planet prevented another planter from forming between. Another possible explanation is that the Asteroid Belt Was once a small planet that was smashed to bits by a big comet or meteor. The debris from that destroyed small planet became the Asteroid Belt.

An asteroid is a single piece of rock, whereas an asteroid belt is an area that contains millions of individual asteroids.

Mars and Jupiter. It is located in the Asteroid belt