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What is the difference between a revolution and a civil war?

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A civil war is, simply put, a war between citizens of the same country. Be it a division that falls along political, racial, gender, geographic region, or any other lines, if it is involves citizens of the same country who are at war with each other it is classified as a civil war. Civil Wars generally are fought for political independence (or dominance) of each side - they may or may not result in a splitting of the original country, but those wars where secession is a stated goal of one side (not just an outcome) are generally always considered a Civil War.

A revolution is a war fought to overthrow or rid yourself of a government in order to establish a new one. The old government may be indigenous, or may be external (i.e. colonial). In general, the main point of a revolution is to completely overthrow the existing government and replace it with a native government, NOT to split the country. Revolutions can be civil wars, but civil wars do not have to be revolutions.

For more clarity, here are examples:

The American Revolution was fought between citizens of the American Colonies, which, while nominally British subjects, did not consider themselves Englishmen. The "Americans" fought a revolution against their current government, which was British, as the purpose was to replace the entire government of the Colonies with a whole new government, independent of Great Britain.

The American Civil War is not a revolution, but a civil war. It was between two major political factions; in this case, one faction decided that it wanted to self-govern. It is classified as a civil war because (a) it was solely between citizens of one country (b) the point was political independence of one group, NOT the wholesale replacement of the national government for the entire country and (c) secession was a stated goal

The Chinese Civil War (1927-1950) is both a revolution and a civil war. It would be considered a civil war due to it being conflict between the Chinese themselves, specifically over the form of national government which would be used (republican or communist). It should be considered a revolution due to the fact that the goals of each side were dominance of the entire national government - that is, the struggle was over who should set the character of the national government, not for specific political rights or powers of individual groups. The fact that another war against an external aggressor (the Second Sino-Japanese War, which overlapped with World War 2) was also fought during that same time period does not change the nature of the overall revolutionary civil war being fought simultaneously.

Another distinguishing factor in modern times is that Civil War is often used to refer to any conflict with fighting on a large scale (even if it might be more properly termed a revolution), while a Revolution refers to a significant change of the type of government, and does not specifically have to include actual fighting (cf. the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia).

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What is the difference between the American revolution and the war of independence?

there is none besides what it is called like the civil war being called the civil war and the war between the states, there is no difference besides what it is referred to by.

How was the civil war different from the American Revolution?

the difference is that Abraham Lincoln was in the civil war and the American revolution was the 13 colonies vs the English

Was there a Revolution after the Civil War?

the revolution was before the civil war

What is the difference between a Civil War and a normal war?

The difference is a civil war is fought between people of the same country and other wars involve other countries.

What is the difference between a war and civil war?

A civil war is between people who are part of the same country. A war, a true war, is between two or more countries.

What is the difference between an ordinary war and a Civil War?

a civil war is between sides that are in the same country where as a normal war is between 2 different countries

How was the revolutionary war a civil war?

It was a Civil War only because the Americans were divided between Loyalist and Patriot. The American Revolution is not considered a civil war.

What difference between a Civil War and a revolution war war?

There are very alike for instance the confederates during the civil war were called rebels, but the main difference is a civil is when the country is split apart, like when a part of the main country breaks away. A revolution is when a coloney or a territory, not part of the main country, wants to govern themselves so they rebel against their oppressors. They are very similar

What are the differences between American revolutionary war and the civil war?

A revolution is a fight between a government and its people. A civil war is a war between people against people within the country.

What is the difference between war and revolution?

A war is just fighting, technically. A revolution changes everything, but it doesn't really have to be war.

What is a war between people of the same country called?

It is commonly referred to as a civil war. It could also be a revolution, but that is usually between the people and the government. Civil War

What was the difference between the two sides fighting the Chinese civil war?

If the term "Chinese Civil War" is referring to the Chinese Communist Revolution that finalized in 1949; the difference between the two combatants was, one side was communist and the other wasn't. The communist side under Mao won the war, Red China was created.

What is a good name for a report comparing the revolutionary war and the Civil War?

A comparison of the Revolutionary war and the civil war. How the Revolutionary was different from the civil war A comparison of two wars The Differences between the Revolution and the Civil War

What is the difference between the two terms War for independence and the American Revolution?

No real difference. The American Revolution was fought as a war for independence. Either works.

How long was between the revolushonary war and the Civil War?

The American Revolution ended in 1783, and the Civil War began in 1861, so there was 78 years in between the two wars.

Term for a war between groups whitin the same country?

Civil war or revolution depends which side wins. Its called a civil war if the war is in progress or the government wins. Its called a revolution if the rebels win.

How would you explain the difference between civil and political rights?

civil war was a war and political rights are rights

What is the primary difference between a civil war and a war between nations?

A civil war is a war fought between the inhabitants of one country, for example, the US Civil War was fought between the South and North US. However, a "normal" war is fought between 2 opposing powers.

What is the difference between a foreign and a Civil War?

A foreign war is fought between at least two separate countries. A civil war is fought between factions inside one nation.

Was the civil war part of the American Revolution?

no, the American Civil War and the American Revolution were to separate wars

What is the difference between how the civil war began and world war 2 began?


What was different about the American Revolution and the civil war?

American Revolution America was fighting England for it's freedom. While the Civil War America was divided between the North and South, the North Won.

How was the amerjcan revolution a civil war?

It wasn't a civil war. In a civil war the population fight each other, but the revolution the enemy was the British soldiers and the king.

What was the civil war in Russia called when Czar was overthrown?

Thirs there was World War One, than there was Revolution in 1917 and after that Civil War broke between kommunists and royalists.

What are the similarities and differences between the American Revolution and the American Civil War?

i am not sure but maybe the American civil war is among Americans after they have gaind their independance but the American revolution was against GB as i said i am no sure