What is the difference between a sculpture and a sculptor?

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A sculpture is the actual piece of art that's been made, and the sculptor is person who made it.
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What do Sculptors use to make Sculptures?

Most sculptors use clay. It's squishy, easy to work with, and cheap! We also use cutting boards while making smaller sculptures, and instruments, from things as odd as metal hooks, to something, as easy to find as a plastic knife. Sculptors usually use anything they can find that looks like it could ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between sculpture and installation?

Answer . a sculpture is a three dimensional object which creates positive and negative spaces for the viewers eye to entertain. In installation is often a combination of elements which comprise a space that often the viewer themselves can move through.

What is sculpture?

Sculpture is a three dimensional art form. The medium for sculpture is varied including paper, clays, junk, stone, wood and any other object that can be made into an artistic rendering.

What is a sculpture?

A sculpture is a three-dimensional form made from clay, stone, metal, and other material. Sculptures can be large or small and some are realistic. . to sculpture something

Indian sculptor who paint their sculpture?

India is known for its art in sculpture. Some of the famoussculptors of India are : Amarashilpi Jakanachari, JakanachariAward, Anish Kapoor.

What was the job of a sculptor?

This site explains what a sculptor does: . Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by shaping hard or plastic material, commonly stone (either rock or marble), metal, or wood. Some sculptures are created directly by carving; others are assembled, built up and fired, welded, molded, or cas ( Full Answer )

What are sculptures?

Sculptures are three dimensional objects that are a form of art. They can be stationary or mobile. They can move with the wind or mechanics. Sculptures can be large or very tiny. Outdoor sculptures are a form of art that communities often commission. Famous artists who are sare Donatello, Constantin ( Full Answer )

Sculptor firts to make freestanding sculptures in the nude?

The Greeks were the first to make truly free standing sculptures and i suppose you can say the Standing youth/Kouros is the oldest we've found (600 BCE) but then there are also Kroisos (kouros from Anaysos) from 525 BCE, (both of those have unknown artists), the Kritios boy from 480 BCE which is bel ( Full Answer )

I have a Austin prod inc 1962 Darwin monkey with skull what is the difference between this and the 1969 Darwin monkey sculpture and the price?

\nHello, \n. \nI am happy to discuss any aspect of this statue. \n. \nPlease make contact via the contacts below. \n. \nAlso, our website http://darwinmonkey.com has a lot of information.\n. \natb,j.\n. \n+44(0)7722510579\n. \nThe Darwin Monkey\nwww.darwinmonkey.com\nsales@darwinmonkey.com\nTw ( Full Answer )

What do you have to do to be a sculptor?

Usually an arts degree and lots of practice in college. You might also try working as an apprentice/journeyman under a professional for a couple years to establish a good basis.

Why do you have sculptures?

fur decoration sculpture tend to serve religious purposes in our lives - representing our object of belief

What is the difference between relief sculpture and the others?

You can walk around a sculpture, it is free-standing.Sculpture is a three dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining hard or soft materials such as marble,metal,glass,wood or plastic,clay,textile and polymers A relief is a sculptural technique. The term relief is from Latin verb,to rise. ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between additive and subtractive sculpture process?

In subtractive processes, the sculptor begins with a mass of material larger than the finished work and removes material, or subtracts from that mass until the work achieves its finished form. Carving is a subtractive process. In additive processes, the sculptor builds the work, adding material as t ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between low-relief and high-relief sculpture?

Low relief sculpture is a technique in which the subject of thesculpture is just barely more prominent than the background. Highrelief sculpture is a technique in which the subject of thesculpture is very raised and extremely prominent against thebackground.

What is the difference between sculpture and architecture?

Both are three dimensional arts based on physical mediums, however, sculpture is meant to create buildings and housing and sculpture is meant to create things you can't live in (like The Thinker. You can't live in him.) . This poses a question. Is the Statue of Liberty a work of Sculpture or a wor ( Full Answer )

What is individualism in sculptors?

Sculptors whose work expresses individualism in their themes and show artistic integrity in their artwork follow the principles of individualism. sculptors who show man as a heroic being are individualistic.

What is the difference between a sculpture and public art?

Public art is any piece of art that has been created for the purpose of being in the public, where people can see it. Examples are fountains and sculptures, frequently seen in parks. Sculptures are actually the main form of public art. Sculptures are 3D figures that are usually made out of stone.

What is the difference between difference and different?

Difference is used as in " There was a difference between her schedule, and mine" Different is used as is " Her schedule was different than mine" DIFFERENCE = a noun; DIFFERENT = an adjective. there's no difference its a synonym.

Difference between painting and sculpture?

a painting is something painted on something (eg. paper, canvas, maybe even on the wall of somewhere!) whereas a sculpture is a 3D object made of something (eg. an ice sculpture of a cat)

What is the comparison between relief and round sculpture?

The relief sculpture is carved in walls or pieces of unportable stones. While the round sculpture is the one you can walk around; and most of the times it's portable. I'm not an expert but I'm an Art student (studied these differences) :D

Who was the first sculptor?

The first person to sculpt something was one of our ancientancestors. Their identity is lost in time and we can not tell youwho they were.

How was roman sculpture different from greek sculpture?

Greek Sculptures of the Classical period . Developed a better portrayal of human anatomy . Poses became more naturalistic . Displayed young, athletic, beautiful human forms . Experimented with movement . Both men and women were often portrayed nude . Greek Gods and Goddesses and scenes from ( Full Answer )

Is Michelangelo a sculptor?

Michelangelo was an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer. so yes he was a sculptor

What is the difference between sculptures in the round and relief sculptures?

In the round sculptures tend to free standing three dimensional forms -think of bronze statues or the lions in trafalgar square. In relief tend to be built up or carved out from a flat surface - medals and coins are good examples, they can still look three dimensional in that they have raised are ( Full Answer )

Which statement best describes one way that Classical Greek sculpture influenced Roman sculptors?

Greek sculpture influenced the Romans from the 2nd century BC.Prominent 1st century BC and 1st century AD Romans such as Ciceroand Pliny the Elder greatly admired the innovative work ofclassical Greek sculpture artists, such as Polykleitos. However,the Romans did not produce much sculpture based on ( Full Answer )

What salary do you get if you are a sculptor?

It varys among schools you make work for or the job corparation you are working for.. if you apply for a certain sculping job this is a good question to ask

What are differences of carving and sculpture?

What's the difference between sculpture and ceramics? I have the option of signing up for sculpture or ceramics, but there is no description given. I was wondering what I could generally expect to see in these kinds of classes. Does sculpture mean you are trying to model something else and ceramics ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between art and sculpture?

Glad i have an appropriate answer. Actually sculpting is a form of art in which people use certain instruments to make various statues. But art is actually a broad term . It may be a period or a career and you should know that music,dance,etc.are also forms of art

What famous sculptor made the sculptures of Zeus and Athena?

Phidias' Statue of Zeus at Olympia was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Phidias designed the statues of the goddess Athena on the Athenian Acropolis, namely the Athena Parthenos inside the Parthenon and the Athena Promachos.

How was the roman sculptures different from today?

Romans sculpture focused on people, depicting them in a realistic manner, emphasizing beauty and the anatomical features of the human body. This art was copied in western Europe by the sculpture of the renaissance (from 14th to the 16th century) baroque (17th century) and Neoclassicism (18th century ( Full Answer )

How did Romans sculpture differ from earlier G reek sculpture?

The Romans modelled their statues on those of the Greeks. Some statues were replicas of Greek originals. However, they often blended a variety of traditions The Romans liked to blend artistic traditions from Italy and the rest of the empire.

Why is hellnstic sculputure is different from greek sculpture?

Hellenistic sculpture was Greek sculpture. It was the sculpture of the Hellenistic period, the last period of the history of ancient Greece. This period spanned from the conquest of the Persian Empire by Alexander the Great in 330 BC to the annexation of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, the last of the Hellen ( Full Answer )

How did the functions of sculpture in ancient Rome differ from the Greek tradition?

The functions of sculpture in ancient Rome were the same as thosein the Greek tradition. Statues were the a bit like an equivalentof paintings because both the Greeks and Romans only had frescopaintings. Originally Roman sculpture was portraiture (busts). Thenthey adopted Greek sculpture. The best s ( Full Answer )