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here, we know that both semiconductor and conductor used to conduct electricity but ,the difference is in there conductivity.and resistance , in conductor if we increase its temperature its resistance increase but in semiconductor its vice versa.that is if temprature rises its resistance will decreases.....

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Q: What is the difference between a semiconductor and a conductor?
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What is definition of semiconductor conductor and insulator?

semiconductor is intermediate between conductor and non conductor of electricity

What is the difference between semiconductor and electronics?

A semiconductor is a device which is neither a Insulator nor a conductor. They behave like one in the right conditions.

What is between a conductor and an insulator?


What are the advantage of semiconductor over conductor?

the advantage of a semiconductor over a conductor is that a semiconductor can be used as a conductor and as an insulator.

Is copper a conductor and a semiconductor?

Copper is a conductor but not a semiconductor.

What does semiconductor mean?

A semiconductor is a material whose electrical conductivity properties fall between that of a conductor and that of an insulator.

Is a capacitor a conductor or semiconductor?


Is semiconductor an element that can conduct heat and elecetricity?

Most conductors conduct both heat and electricity well. A semiconductor is a conductor whose resistance is between that of a conductor and an insulator. An example of a semiconductor is silicon which is used in electronic appliances

What is difference between semiconductor and superconductor?

A semiconductor only allows some electrons to flow across its junction. It has some resistance, in fact more resistance than a conductor but less than an insulator. A superconductor has no resistance.

Difference between electronic and electrical appliances?

The ELECTRICAL device is in which the current passes through a CONDUCTOR and the ELECTRONIC device is in which the current passes through a SEMICONDUCTOR.

Is argon a conductor semiconductor or not a conductor?

Its an Insulator

Difference between p type semiconductor and n type semiconductor?

In a p-type semi-conductor, there is an excess number of "holes" (positive). In an n-type, there is an excess number of electrons (negative). This is what the "p" and "n" refer to.

Difference between semiconductor and vacuum tube?

at thebeginning of electronic technology the vacuum tube was used in electronic circuit. .but now a days semiconductors are used in electronic circuit

Can be a conductor or an insulator?

" semiconductor "

What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic conductors?

the main difference between extrinsic and intrinsic semiconductor is of resistivity. intrinsic semi conductor is pure semi cndctor with no doping while extrinsic semi cnductr z a doped one.

What is the difference between p type and n type semiconductor?

The difference between the p-type and the n-type semiconductor is that the p-type semiconductor has more holes than electrons while the n-type semiconductor has more electrons than holes.

What is function of bad conductor?

there are no good or bad conductor there are conductor ,semiconductor and isolator.

Is sliver a good semiconductor?

A: It not a semiconductor at all but it is a very Good conductor.

Is selenium a conductor or insulator?

It is a semiconductor and is used in photovoltaics.

Is steel a semiconductor?

Steel is a conductor.

Is iron a semiconductor?

iron is a conductor.

Is gold a semiconductor?

No. Gold is a conductor.

Is lead sulphide a conductor?

It is a semiconductor

Why is silicon a good conductor of electricity?

Silicon is not a good conductor. It is a semiconductor.

Define the 'potential difference between the ends of a conductor'?

The potential difference between the ends of a conductor is called voltage.