What is the difference between a single phase and a three phase inverter?

The Single and Three phase refer to Alternating Current electrical power supply outlet system and the corresponding equipment requirements.

The single phase system is generally used thepower requirements are low or moderate as for household applications , while the Three phase supply system is used for High power industrial applications.

Thenumbers of phases refer to Alternating Current Supply lines which are delivering the power or the sytem requirement of the equipment for operation.

Thus a single phase supply cannot operate a three phase equipment or vice versa.

However a ThreePhase supply can be used individually as Three different Single Phase supply systems

In case of Three Phase systems the electrical supply waveforms are such that at any given instant there is a 120 degree phase difference between any two supply lines , which also results in higher magnitude of supply voltage than the corresponding single phase supply.

Now refering to the inverter which is nothing but a device to convert the electrical

supply from one source or magnitude ( typically DC from a Battery Bank ) to the required form and Magnitude. Thus it simply generates the equivalent electrical supply either as Singleor Three Phase , which ideally will be the same as available

available from the wall outlet