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What is the difference between a technical degree and academic degree?


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A technical degree is an academic degree. In general, college degrees fall into three areas to include Arts, Science, and Applied Science.

The arts degree has a broad scope, with a strong emphasis on the humanities, theoretical and general knowledge in a recognized discipline, interdisciplinary field, or of a professional study.

The science degree is more of a focused approach with a science or applied science base to include a balance of liberal arts, technological knowledge, math and computer oriented skills, and practical skills needed for a particular discipline within the field.

The technical degrees usually fall under the applied science area, where the degree is very career oriented, with practical hands-on training particular to a specific field of study.


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Any college or university degree is an academic degree.

the academic title or position is for this one who work in university or collage but the academic degree is for any one have the abilty to do the master or PhD degree even if this one didn't work in the university or collage

Ph.D. degree is an academic degree while Royal membership is a professional membership

Each degree type can have an honors component. The only difference is the the honors program includes honor courses which are typically courses with higher academic standards.

There are many differences between technical and academic writing. Technical writing generally consists of taking a complicated concept and simplifying it for the reader. This is evident in instruction manuals and employee handbooks. Academic writing, on the other hand, can include analysis and opinion. Also, it often requires specific use of references. Some technical writing may have references, but most does not. Finally, the most obvious difference, outside of those taking a technical writing degree, would be that one is done for school and the other is a career path.

Degree vs Diploma Both degree and diploma are awards conferred on to a person on the successful completion of an educational course.

I'm not sure what you mean by, "after an academic degree." A bachelor's degree is an academic degree.

There are technical differences, but it is largely a matter of degree. Neither is likely to ever be a decent partner.

The bachelor degree is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study fall. Academic distinction refers to the honors bestowed on a student who has excelled in their academic work. There are typically three levels of honors as follows from lowest to highest.cum laudemagna cum laudesumma cum laude (highest honor)

The difference is dotor of philosophy is an advanced academic degree awarded by universities. In many english-speaking countries, the PhD is the highest degree one can earn and applies to graduates in a wide array of disciplines in the sciences and humanities.

Undergraduate degrees are differentiated either as pass degrees or as honors degrees, the latter denoted by the appearance of "(Hons)" after the degree abbreviation. An honors degree generally requires a higher academic standard than a pass degree.

The purpose of an occupational associates degree's is to get you ready for a particular occupation right away and offers more specialized training, while academic associates degrees are more general and are better used in preparing you for further education.

A MBA is a general business management degree, often concentrating on management theory and leadership. A Masters of commerce is a more specialist, technical degree often with a major in accounting,finance or other technical speciality.

A college degree is a title conferred by a college or university to indicate completion of a course of study or extent of academic achievement. A licence is official or legal permission to do or own a specified thing.

A Doctor of Pharmacy degree is a professional degree while a Doctor of Philosophy degree is an academic research degree.

The master's degree is advanced coursework that typically follows the bachelor's degree. If you were to place degrees in order from lowest to highest - with few exceptions - they would be as follows. * associate * bachelor * masters * doctorate (highest level of academic attainment)

A masters is a degree, which typically follows the bachelors degree.

There is no functional difference between Dr. and DR. Both are used as titles for people who hold the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Science (DSc), or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), or any other doctoral level academic degree. The preferred form is "Dr." when using mixed case.

you get a degree and then you have a career in that field of study.

A graduate student is currently in a master's or doctoral degree program. A post-doc student has already completed their doctoral degree (in most cases, a Ph.D.) and is doing additional academic work.

Within the U.S. System, students pursuing a bachelor's degree are referred to as undergraduates.Students pursuing a master's or doctoral degree are referred to as graduate students.A post-doc is a person pursuing further academic work after receiving the doctoral degree

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