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The difference between the vacuole and the stomach is that , the vacuole is a small cavity in the cytoplasm of a cell, bound by a single membrane and the stomach is an appetite for food.

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Q: What is the difference between a vacuole and the stomach?
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What is the difference between vacuole and cytoplasm?

there really isn't a big difference just that the vacuole is located INSIDE the cytoplasm.

Why is a vacuole like a stomach?

Just like a stomach, a vacuole is a place were cells can store undigested food. Also like a stomach, digestive enzymes are dumped into the vacuole to aid in digestion.

What human organ is the vacuole equivalent to?

A vacuole is similar to the stomach.

What is the difference between endoplasmic reticulum and vacuole?

i believe both are the same

What is an analogy for vacuole?

A vacuole is like a stomach for the cell.

What is an analogy for a vacuole and why?

An analogy for a vacuole is the bladder or the stomach. The vacuole is the storage area of the cell. The bladder stores waste and the stomach stores food in the body.

What is the time difference between pie and stomach?

the time difference between pie and stomach is 3 to 4 hours.

Is there any difference between cell sap and water found in vacuole?


What is the difference between a mitochondria and a vacuole?

In broad terms, a vacuole is a storage organelle for the cell, while the mitochondrion produces energy in the form of ATP for the cell.

What is the physical difference between vacuoles in a plant cell and vacuoles in an animal cell?

The vacuole of a plant cell is typically larger than the vacuole of an animal cell.

Why food vacuole is not formed in your stomach?

food vacuole is mainly formed in amoeba, where it digests the food with several enzymes and then destroys. but in our body stomach is there to digest the food.

Why is a food vacuole formed in amoeba and not in your stomach?