What is the difference between a wetsuit and a drysuit?

in one of the them you are wet and in the other one you are dry

honest... it's that simple. a wetsuit is (usually) made of neoprene and allows a limited amount of water into the suit. that is why you want a good fitting wetsuit, because you do NOT want a lot of water moving in and out of the suit, just a little. this small amount of water (debateably) warms up and helps the insulation properties of the wetsuit

a drysuit is just that. you are COMPLETELY dry for the duration of your dive. it is therefor also much more complex in construction to complete this herculean task of keeping all water out of the suit from neck seals, to arm seals and such.

ps: it is easy to weeWee in wetsuit, you need to have all kinds of special apparatus to weeWee in a drysuit.