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IT Schools

IT schools usually have certificate programs in subjects such as computer programming, medical, auto maintenance, Cosmetology. Whereas colleges have Associates, Bachelor, Master, and sometimes Doctor degree programs in many fields such as business, engineering, teaching, law, etc, etc, etc.


A college is a place were you go to after school, people often fail at Grade 10-12 and didn't

get a chance to go to College.


A university is like a college.

More on IT SchoolsTo add to the first answer, in an IT school you would be focused on one skill or subject whereas in colleges you must take other subjects such as English or Math which are considered (by hiring managers) to make you more able to do a wider variety of jobs.
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Difference between college library and university library?

college library is for college only while university library is open for elementary and high school users.

What is the difference between high school and college?

One difference between high school and college is the fact that high school is mandatory, while college isn't. You also get a deeper understanding of courses in college.

What is the difference between middle school and university?

Middle school 6-8 grade, whereas university is a type of college that you go to after you graduate. plus you can look it up on dictionary.com

What is the difference between a college and a school - such as a college of business vs a school of business?

The difference between "university", "college" and "school" is the size of the student body, where "university" is the greatest, and "school" is the smallest. While you can have a standalone college or school, a university is comprised of smaller schools and/or colleges; e.g., Barnard College (circa 2,300 students) is a standalone women's college that offers undergraduate degrees, while Columbia University confers its undergraduate degrees through Columbia College (ca. 4,100 students), the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (ca. 1,400 students) and the School of General Studies (ca. 1,300 students).Informally, in the US, College usually refers to undergraduate work, following high school. A School of Business or a Business School would be the institution, within the university, that houses the business department.

What is the difference between a dominican college and a community college?

Dominican College is a school in Orangeburg, NY. It appears that there is no difference between Dominican College and any other community college.

Why college and university are not the same thing?

College is post 16 education that does BTEC's or A Levels and is the bridge between school and University, University does degrees, college doesn't simple!

What is the Difference between school of nursing and college of nursing?

The college of nursing has a Master's program, the school of nursing does't

What is the difference between christian medical college and a technical school?

The difference between christian medical college and a technical school is at a christian medical college, it is for christians and people trying to be doctors. Technical school is for people who want to do something that involves technology.

What is the difference between a college and a school?

AnswerGenerally speaking a University is made up of several colleges, and a college is made up of several school. Although a college can sometime be a school of itself.For example, a university might have business college, engineering college, and so on. The engineering college might has a school of electrical engineering, school of mechanical engineering, etc. But the business college might be the business school.It don't really think their is any hard, fast rule on this. However, it does usually follow that schools are named after a person that has donated a large sum of money to that school. :-)

What is the difference between 'college' and 'faculty'?

A college is an academic area at a university. The faculty are the teachers within a college. For example, the College of Business is a school of learning at Boise State University. A professor of accounting would be a member of the faculty within the College of Business. Also in college theirs females...lots of females

What is the difference between a college student and a university student?

A college/school that is not a university that grants a 2-year degree such as an Associate's degree. An example of a college that's not a university is a Community College or Junior College such as Southwestern Community College. At a community college you cannot obtain a bachelor's or master's degree. A university is an institution for higher learning with teaching and research facilities constituting a graduate school and professional schools that award master's degrees and doctorates and an undergraduate division that awards bachelor's degrees. Depending on which one you attend, you will either be a college student or a university student.

What is the difference between college trigonometry and high school math?

The difference between college trigonometry and high school math is that college courses tend to be more focused in one subject. High school courses tend to provide the student with a broad understanding of math.

What is the difference between school and university?

they are the same thing. Depends on what type of school you are talking about though.

Does a university only offer a graduate program as opposed to a college only offering an undergraduate program?

Universities offer undergraduate coursework as well as graduate course work. Typically, the difference between a college and university is that a college has a number of academic departments within the college. For example, the English department, business department, engineering department etc. A university is a collection of schools that fall under the university. For example, the school of engineering, school of allied health, school of business, etc.

What is the difference between an art school and an art university?

University is bigger, more equipment, more oppurtunities

Is medical school the same as college and university?

No. Medical school comes after you graduate from college (or university).

Difference between school and College and University?

Any institution particular to education and instruction can be considered a school. A college is an institution of higher education and typically broken down into departments within the school. For example, the English department, business department, engineering department etc. A university is typically made up of schools or colleges that fall under the University. For example, the school of business, or school of engineering, school of health related professions, etc.

What is the difference between College degree vs high school grad?

The college degree is advanced study after completion of a high school diploma.

What is the difference between a high school graduate's and a college graduate's salary?

college graduate's salary is more than a high school graduate

If you take some university courses in high school can you still go to college?

Of course, why wouldn't you? Even once you obtain a degree you can continue to take courses. Note that the difference between a college and university is simply in the number of types of degrees that they can give out, not in what they are teaching.

Imperial college is it a college or university?

It became a university in 2007, prior to that it was a college (technically a school) of the university of London.

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