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There is no difference. They are the same coin but many people refer to them as "Liberty Dollars".

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First, no US coin of any type is referred to as a "Lady Liberty coin", but the symbolic portrait of Lady Liberty is on most older US coins such as the Morgan Dollar series. So the Morgan and the lady liberty are the same coin.

A Morgan dollar IS a silver dollar. The term Morgan refers to the designer George T. Morgan who created the images used from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921.

All Peace dollars have the same design. The difference between the 1921 Peace Dollar and the 1921 Morgan dollar is that Liberty looks completely different. In the more common 1921 Morgan dollar, Liberty wears a crown with the word "LIBERTY" on it, on the reverse of the Morgan dollar, there is an eagle with olive branches and arrows in its talons along with a wreath under it. On the Peace Dollar, Liberty looks like she has rays coming out of her head and on the reverse there is an Eagle sitting on a rock inscribed "PEACE", there is no wreath on the reverse.

Money can have various values based on condition and certain stamping. An 1885 Morgan Liberty Head silver dollar can be worth between $20 and $400.

It is a representation of Lady Liberty.

The coin is referred to as just a "Morgan dollar" all silver dollars have "Miss Liberty" on them. An 1882 Morgan dollar is very common, circulated coins are $30.00-$37.00.

There's no difference. All silver dollars minted in 1894 used the Morgan design, named for the famous designer George T. Morgan.

On the front of a Trade Dollar it has Lady Liberty seated facing the left and on the back below the eagle TRADE DOLLAR. A Morgan Dollar has the head of Lady Liberty on the front.

The image on the face of the Morgan Dollar is a rendition of Lady Liberty designed by George T. Morgan.

The figure portrayed on the obverse of the Morgan silver dollar is Lady Liberty who is a non existant person used to represent Liberty.

A "Carson City Morgan Dollar" is simply a Morgan dollar produced at the Carson City, Nevada, mint. Such a coin can be identified by the mintmark "CC" on the reverse of the coin, beneath the tail feathers of the eagle.

The biggest difference is Peace dollars exist and Liberty dollars don't. A very common mistake non-collectors or amateurs make with US silver dollars is they think because the word LIBERTY is on the obverse of a Peace dollar (or other coins) it's called a liberty dollar. No US coin is referred to as just a "Liberty" coin. Also this comes up with Morgan dollars, but with the national motto E PLURIBUS UNUM because it's on the front of the coin.

Miss Liberty, as in "Statue of ..."

Aside from the minor differences in design, the greatest difference between the US Trade Dollar and the Seated Liberty Dollar is the weight. The Liberty Seated Dollar weighs 26.73 grams while the US Trade Dollar weighs 27.22 grams. Both contained 90% silver and 10% copper altthough the Trade Dollar had slightly more silver in it. The Trade Dollar was issued primarily for circulation in the Orient while the Seated Liberty Dollar was issued for circulation in the USA.

A Morgan silver dollar was minted in the United States between 1878 and 1921. It has a Lady Liberty head on the front and an Eagle clutching an olive branch and arrows on the back.

You've got to be more specific. All dollar coins prior to the Eisenhower dollar of 1971-1978 feature Liberty on them, even the Morgan dollar (called that because the artist who designed it had a last name of Morgan). The most commonly confused silver dollar types are the Morgan and Peace dollars because they share a date, 1921, where the Morgan dollar is quite common but the Peace dollars command quite a bit more money. The easiest way to determine the two is to look on the reverse, on a Morgan dollar the eagle will have its wings outstretched and is encircled by a wreath. On a Peace dollar, the eagle will be perched on a rock inscribed "PEACE". The front of the coins have noticeable differences too, but are much harder to describe in text than the reverse.

Assuming you are referring to an 1886 Morgan Silver dollar the answer is no. But their is a 1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial silver dollar.

It is a stylized image of Lady Liberty.

The 1921 Chapman was a proof version of the Morgan Dollar. Very few were minted and because of this, they command a premium price.

Is it a Morgan or Peace dollar? A Morgan dollar features a personification of Liberty with a crown saying "LIBERTY" on it. A Peace dollar has a personification of Liberty with rays of light coming out of her head. The reverse of a Morgan dollar has an Eagle with arrows and an olive branch and a wreath under it. The reverse of a Peace dollar features a perched eagle sitting on a rock inscribed "PEACE". Without knowing the type of coin, it is impossible to state a value.

There is no liberty There is a Morgan and a peace dollar (what you probl'y have) worth about $14 dollars in silver content each.

The Liberty Seated dollar has the same diameter as Trade, Morgan & Peace dollars, it's 38.1mm. The thickness is 2.4mm.

The Morgan Dollar depicts a personification of Liberty and not a living person.

Other than size, appearance, and monetary value... not much. If both were minted pre 1965, then they are both 90% silver. Both underwent a few different styles. For the silver dollar, there were Liberty, Morgan, and Peace designs. Dimes were Liberty, Barber, Mercury and Roosevelt.

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