What is the difference between an Associates in Applied Science and an Associates of Science degree?

The main difference between an associate in applied science degree and an associate in science degree is that an AAS degrees is intended for someone that plans to find a job as soon as they finish school in a specialized area of skill (e.g. welding, automotive, ndt, dental hygenist etc.) whereareas an AS degree in science is intended for those looking to go on to a four year university. What it boils down to is that with an AAS degree MOST of the technical or vocational courses will not transfer over to a four year degree but you will be able to find an entry level job in your area of concentration. Compare that to that an associate degree in science and it would be recommended to go to a four year university because most employers wont accept an AS degreee as a qualification. With an AAS degree some of the classes will transfer over to a four year university if you earn the degree at a community college instead of a vocational or private school. Its a myth that most AAS degree courses wont transfer because at most junior colleges a student still has to take a math, English, science, computer, and elective courses as a part of their respective program. Do your research and if you intend on getting an AAS degree I would recommend getting it at a junior college instead of those technical or vocational schools if your area of concentration is offered, and normally you will see a junior college is cheaper, provides 100% finanical aid if you qualify and at most technical or vocational schools the most you can get is a certificate whereas with an AAS degree will help you out in the long run.