What is the difference between an array and variable?

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Traditional wisdom would say that an array holds multiple values, whereas an ordinary variable hold a single value.

While this is not false per se, it is only really true in certain cases: it is true when the elements of the array are treated as individual entities, and when the variable is a simple scalar variable such as an int.

However, a variable can also be a structure or a union, capable of holding multiple values, and an array can be thought as a single variable. For example, in the C programming language, it is common to define temporary storage for an alphanumeric string through an array of characters. While some algorithms process each character individually, the data held in the array may only be meaningful as a whole. Note that you would also call 'buffer' in the following example a variable:

void example(void) {
char* buffer[MAX_SIZE];

It is not generally right to distinguish between a variable and an array. You'd be comparing apples with pears. Arrays are primitive aggregate data structures and belong into the same category as structures and unions. These are aggregates, because they can contain more than one scalar element. Scalars, in contrast, are atomic types of the language, types such as int, char, enum xyz, etc, in the C programming language.

Variables can be contrasted to constants.

Arrays can be contrasted to scalars (e.g. int), or to other aggregates (e.g. struct) or data structures of higher order (e.g. lists).
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What are the differences between structures and arrays?

Arrays are collections of repeated data items. Structures are complex data items made up of other data items, including, potentially, other structures and arrays. You can, of course, also have arrays of structures. Array items can be accessed by using its subscript whereas structure items can be ac ( Full Answer )

Differences between structure and array?

The primary difference is that an array is a homogeneous datatype, meaning that it can hold data of a single type only (integer, floating-point, character etc.) . A structure on the other hand, is a heterogeneous datatype, thus it can hold data of more than one type.

Difference between array and structure?

Array:- " Array is anordered collection of homogenous types of data elements". hence it means data is stored at continous memory location. e.g:- int or float or char etc. Structure:- " structure is a collection of hetrogeneous types of element" hence differents element int,float,char etc.

What is the difference between vector and array?

The abstraction are the same. However, the array may be of any objects, while a vector, in narrowed definition, each element is a scalar value (e.g, int, float, double, etc), to fulfill the abs(vector) = aScalarValue property of a vector. An array with the same data type would look exactly the same. ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between list and array?

Answer \nTerms from computer science:\n \nYou can imagine list like as string of pearls. They are connected with thread. If you got one you can go by thread to the other one next to it.\n \nAn array is like a meter. You know where you are so you can jump any amount of units around.

What is the Difference between array and structures?

The main differences between an array and a structure are: An Array is a collection of similar data items.An array is deriveddata type.It behave like a built in data type. An array can beincreased or decreased. A structure is a collection of dissimilar data items.It is a userdefined data types.It ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between stack and array?

stack is derived from linear lists which intern as ordered collection of elements. it has a special feature that insertion and deletion can be done at only one end called Top of the Stack(TOP). It operated on first in first out method( FIFO). Queue are also data structures just like stacks but h ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between array and structure?

A structure has a fairly small amount of different data items,which may be of different types. The items are referred to by name- each data item has its own unique name. An array has severalitems (possibly thousands, or even millions of them), usually allof the same type. The items are usually refer ( Full Answer )

What is difference between strings and arrays?

A String in C is an array of characters. An array is just a sequence of similarly-typed elements that are stored in consecutive memory locations and can be accessed by using the array index.

What is the difference between arrays and structure?

Struct vs. Array . \nIn the C programming language, a structure may contain MULTIPLE DATA TYPES, also including arrays of those types, and the structure becomes a USER-DEFINED type.\n. \nAn array may contain a number of items all of the SAME TYPE, including user-defined types such as structures ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an array and structure?

An array is a collection of related data elements of same type. Structure can have elements of different types. An array is a derived data type. A structure is a programmer-defined data type. A struct can contain multiple data types, whereas an array can not.

What is the difference between array and collection?

\n . \n . A "collection" is a type of object that holds related data objects. Depending on the language you are using, collections might include hash tables, dictionaries, vectors, arrays, lists, sets, maps, stacks, queues, or any other type of object whose purpose is to contain sets of data that ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an array element and a variable?

Array elements are all members of the same variable, indexed in a logical manner. variables are distinct objects which must be referred to distinctly.. The main functional difference is that a program can iterate over an array without the programmer knowing the original size of the array or explici ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an array and a pointer?

A pointer identifies the location of some data in memory, similarly to an envelope with a street address on it. An array is several values of the same type, stored next to each other in memory. A useful consequence is that all of an array's elements may be found by simply counting up from the addres ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a string and an array?

Nothing whatsoever. A string is simply an array of type char. In some programming languages, such as C, a string is an array ofchar (or short), terminated with a null \0. An array is just a fixed size of collection, a container to holdthings/objects. If all the elements in the container are characte ( Full Answer )

Different between array and variables?

An array is a collection of variables of the same type. For example: int x[10]; defines 10 integer variables at consecutive memory locations starting with x[0] and ending with x[9].

What are the different between array and variables?

A variable is a reference to a single object (often a number, character, or string of characters). An array is a reference to a contiguous block of memory in which zero or more individual objects.

Difference between loop and array?

\n. \n. A loop usually referred to the program flow control with possible repetition of executing the same codes, an array is an abstraction of fixed size container. 2 different concepts. \n.

Is there a difference between an array and a pointer?

Array is a data type which can be represented as a[1],a[2],a[3]..... Pointer is also a data type. The speciality of pointer is instead of address of the variable it will give the reference to the address of the variable.. E.g. int *test. Here test is a pointer variable. which will be the referenc ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between vectors and arrays?

Vectors & ArrayLists are similar in terms of their usage and features. There is only one difference. Vectors are thread safe while ArrayLists are not. Hence ArrayLists are faster to execute than Vectors.

What is the difference between an array shift and unsetting a variable in PHP?

By shifting the values in an array, you are moving a key's value to the previous key. The very first key's value is obliterated. By shifting all values in the array, all keys will have a value of NULL.. Unsetting a variable is entirely different -- performing a variable unsetting causes the variabl ( Full Answer )

Difference between arraylist and array?

An array list contains primitive types, while an ArrayList contains objects. However, this does not mean that an ArrayList cannot hold integers. In fact, through auto-boxing, int are automatically converted into Integers before put into ArrayList. Another difference is that an array has a fixed num ( Full Answer )

In what way do array differ from variable in c?

Array is the set of multiple values while variable is used to store a single value at a time. Arrays have subscript while variable doesn't have a subscript. Syntax of declaring array and variable is different. For variable: data_type list of variables; For array: Data_type variable1[size], variable ( Full Answer )

Difference between array and union?

All the members of the structure can be accessed atonce,where as in an union only one member can be used at a time.Another important difference is in the size allocated to astructure and an union.for eg:struct example{int integer;float floating_numbers;}the size allocated here is sizeof(int)+sizeof( ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between array and control array?

An array is a set of values that are logically related to each other, such as the number of students in each grade in a grammar school. An array allows you to refer to these related values by the same name and to use a number, called an index or subscript, to tell them apart. The individual values a ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an array and a variable?

Variables such as int, char, and float are simply one number/character. And array is a collection of variables, sort of like what would be called a string in another programing language. for example char firstcharacter; (a variable) would store only one letter, while char firstarry [11]; (an a ( Full Answer )

What are the different between an array and a structure?

A Structure is different from an array in the sense that an array represents an aggregate of elements of same type whereas a structure represents an aggregate of elements of (nearly) arbitrary types.

What is the difference between array and record?

The main difference b/w array & record is that the array is acollection of similar type like integer ,real ,real etc, whichshare a common name like 10 elements of type integer. But a record is a collection of different type of elements likesome integer ,some real & some string etc. For ex-a student ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an array and a hash?

An array stores elements in a sequential order from zero (or one) up to the size of the array (possibly minus one, if starting from zero). Arrays come from the classic days of computer programming performed with assembler code, where one would often have a base pointer (BP or BX) plus an index (SI o ( Full Answer )

What is difference between pointers and arrays?

A pointer is a variable that may contain a memory address, or NULL (zero). An array is collection of data, usually residing in a contiguous block of memory, where every element is accessed as an offset from the beginning of the array.

What are the Differences between array and queue?

Array and Queue are both used in relation to order and arrangement. They are used as nouns as well as verbs and both have broad and specific uses. A broad definition of Queue is a line and is often used to specifically identify a line of people or vehicles. Queue is also used as a technical term ( Full Answer )

How does an array differ from an ordinary variable?

• Array is the set of an multiple values where as variable can store single value at a time. • The difference between the definition of array and ordinary variable is the, array is always declared, initialized, and accessed using subscript whereas ordinary variable do not have any sub ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between array and hash?

The main difference is usage...a hash is an array, of sorts. Speaking of sorts, the comparison between a hash and an array takes on meaning when you compare a "sorted array" and a hash. Otherwise, an array is just a series of memory locations containing data in whatever order you cram data in. This ( Full Answer )

What is the different between array and File?

An array is a systematic arrangement of objects, usually in rows and columns A computer file is a block of arbitrary information, or resource for storing information, which is available to a computer program and is usually based on some kind of durable storage

What is array What is difference between array and simple variable?

An array stores several values - for example, several numbers - using a single variable name. The programmer can access the individual values with a subscript, for example, myArray[0], myArray[5]. The subscript can also be a variable, for example, myArray[i], making it easy to write a loop that proc ( Full Answer )

What is difference between array and class?

An array stores a list of values, usually of the same type. Values are distinguished by a subscript. A class usually doesn't store objects, but it defines a template for objects. Objects based on this class store data, which can be of different types, and are distinguished by name (similar to vari ( Full Answer )

How does array differ from ordinary variable?

ordanry variable store one value at a time. arrays are used for storing more than one value at a time in asingle variable name ordanry variable doesnt have subscript. array must have subscript syntax for ord. variable Datatype v1,v2...... syntax for array variable Datatype v1[n1],v2[n2].....

Difference between a structure and an array?

Structures and arrays are somewhat similar in that they both "contain" multiple items of data in one package. Arrays contain several copies of the same type of data one after another. An array's elements must all be "char", "int", "float", pointers of a single type, structs or any other type. ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a fixed size array and a variable size array?

The obvious answer is that one has a constant size while the other does not. More specifically, a fixed-size array is one where the size is known at compile time and does not change at runtime. By contrast, the size of a variable-sized array may or may not be known at compile time but may change at ( Full Answer )