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Here we go with that wonderful label "narcissist" yet once again. Unless a psychiatrist/psychologist has labeled this person then they could simply be an egomaniac. Perfectionists or extremely intelligent people can give off an appearance of being a narcissist. It's a tough one to figure out, but whether they are a narcissist or an egomaniac both are trouble! answer I think most of the people reading this post are fairly aquainted with the traits of a narcissist. It may take some research or a diagnosis to know for sure, but I do believe that the difference is rather obvious when you learn a bit about the disorder.

answerIts all so interelated. but it goes like this every narcissist is an egomaniac but not every egomaniac is a narcissist. Narcissist almost allways have a perfectionist or obsessive trait of somekind. But not all perfectionists are narcissists. and the paradox is, get this, all of us have a bit of Narcissism in us. A personality is not one dimensional and you cant just tag any one label or compartmentalize somebody. IT has form and many dimensions with many possibilities. Just that we all have stong triats of one or the other and that is what makes us unique. Someone with any personality disorder diagnsed or not is going to have certain triats out of control, some rtreatable some are not. The cluster B personality disorders are the most difficult to treat if at all.

Please note that a true narcissist was an abusive cruel mean nasty person BEFORE he was diagnosed or labeled one. some of them for decades. many of them never get a diagnoes. yet their victimes still suffer. You don't absolutely positively have to have a psychiatirst diagnose an N to decide for yourself. But you should explore and study all the options. and DONT openly acuse anyoe of being a narcisssit. That can and will get you in trouble.

PS - There is nothing wonderfull about the label Narcissist.


My first N-experience was diagnosed. The psychologist explained it all to me and warned I was likely to be exposed to another one in my lifetime. Watch for signs and stay away. so when this second N came into my life, this time a coworker with quite a reputation. The signs were not so easy to read at first. They are that clever. But flags popped up one by one over the course of THREE years. I would happenstance interview his many enemies and countless exes. I received a few scary phone calls from his mentally abused wife. I saw things before my eyes that made my hair turn on end. caught him in so many obvious lies all with out even trying. BINGO - another N ..only this time i KNEW - so i went online, read books, considered other possibilities. So far every suggestion and article on what they are about and how to deal with an N has worked. I have to see this man every day, speak with him and deal with it and the people he hurts. Reel them in, Chew them up and spit them out. But because i was experiencee because i educated my self and becasue i KNEW - HE is not going to ruin my life or cost me my job like he did Dozens of others before me. If i am making a big mistake LABELING this insect an N even then so be it. It's my life and no one is going to tell me i cant decide for myself how not to be hurt again. Once again, MOST victims of narcissists do not have the luxury of bringing their spouses/coworker in for a diagnoses.

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What is another word for egomaniac?


What is the synonym of nercissist?

The synonyms of the word narcissist are egocentric, egotist and egomaniac.

What is the difference between a narcissist and egotism?

Being narcissistic and egocentric is the same.

Is an egomaniac the same thing as a narcissist?

A narcissist is ALWAYS an egomaniacBut an egomaniac may not have the traits necessary to be a narcissist.amoral/consciencelessauthoritariancare only about appearancescontemptuouscritical of otherscrueldisappointing gift-giversdon't recognize own feelingsenvious and competitivefeel entitledflirtatious or seductivegrandiosehard to have a good time withhate to live alonehyper-sensitive to criticismimpulsivelack sense of humornaivepassivepessimisticreligioussecretiveself-contradictorystingystrange work habitsunusual eating habitsweird sense of time

What is the difference between a narcissist and a s?

Narcissism is a psychological disorder. S is a letter.

What do you call a person who loves themselves?

An egomaniac???? If the person loves themselves as well as treats others the same then its healthy self love. A narcissist and more extreme would be psychopath

Does a narcissist believe his own lies?

Yes. They lie so much that they cannot tell the difference between truth and fantasy.

What is the difference between a narcissist and a psychopath?

The Defining characteristic of the narcissist is grandiosity. The narcissist is more likely to be attention seeking, envious and to desire admiration.The defining characteristic of the sociopath/psychopath is callousness. The sociopath/psychopath is more likely to engage in illegal activity, to be aggressive, impulsive and deceitful.

What is the difference between sociopath and narcissist men?

There are technical differences, but it is largely a matter of degree. Neither is likely to ever be a decent partner.

What is the difference between somatic and cerebral narcissist?

It's actually called sexual vs. intellectual. See the Related Link below.

What is the similarity between a Virgo and egomaniac?

MOST Virgos aren't really egomaniacs - it's mostly Aries and Leo.

What word can be used to describe an egomaniac?


A word that shows you only care about yourself?

Some adjectives that describe someone who cares only for themselves are:egotisticegocentricself centerednarcissisticsmugimperiousA noun for a person who cares only for themselves are:egoistegomaniacboasterbraggartnarcissist

What kind of person was Adolf Hitler?

He was an egomaniac and dictator.

Who was the egomaniac in love with Belle in Beauty and the Beast?


Who has the egomaniac in love with belle in Beauty and the Beast?


Another word for self obsessed person?


Can in Inverted Narcissist switch to becoming a Narcissist given the situation?

All narcissists constantly switch between somatic and cerebral, inverted ad classic.

What are the sources of guilt for a narcissist?

Conscience. One must know the difference between right and wrong and recognize that one has done wrong that has caused harm. Guilt is the emotional response to that recognition.

How will you describe Douglas mc arthur as a leader?

Smart egomaniac.

What is the word for a person who has a very high opinion of themselves?


What are the release dates for Big Town - 1950 Egomaniac 5-23?

Big Town - 1950 Egomaniac 5-23 was released on: USA: 14 March 1955

What is the Name of the egomaniac in love with belle in Beauty and the Beast?

His name is Gaston

The name given to an artist who paints a picture of themselves?

Self-portraitist. Or egomaniac. Another answer'Egomaniac' is funny but a little hard. Many painters have told how they needed the practise, and the models always available were themselves.

What is the difference between a smug person and a narcissist?

It's pretty similar in meaning. When someone is being smug, it means they are letting others know that they are better than them. Narcissistic feelings are when a person is in "love" with themselves. Smug has more to do with letting others know you are better than them. Narcissist is more of the feeling of greatness one has of themselves.