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What is the difference between an ellipse and an oval?

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An ellipse always has two axes of reflection; an oval has one or more.

So, an egg-shape is an oval, but not an ellipse.

In short an ellipse is an oval, but an oval may or may not be an ellipse.

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What is the difference between a circlee and an ellipse?

A circle is perfectly round and an ellipse is oval.

What shape is an ellipse?

An elipse is like a circle that is a bit flattened.an ellipse is an oval.

Is the Earth an oval?

it is shaped like an ellipse and that's pretty much and oval

What is an elogated circle or oval shape called?

It is called an oval - which is not the same as an ellipse.

What is an eliptcal oval?

An elliptical oval (if that is what you meant) is a tautology. An oval and ellipse are the same thing - a "squashed" circle.

Which shape has no edges?

Circle and an ellipse (oval).

What is the difference between a circle and a ellipse?

Basically a circle has a constant radius throughout and an ellipse does not.a circle has a constant radiusan ellipse has two foci. they are at either end of the ellipse

What is the correct name for an oval shape?

In geometry an oval or ovoid is any shape resembling an egg. It could be an ellipse, but is not really an ellipse. The term is not well defined.

What is round but is not a circle?

Answers could include an ellipse, an oval (a type of ellipse) or even a sphere.

Explain the difference between the constant of a hyperbola and the constant of an ellipse?

In contrast, for an ellipse it is the ''sum'' of these distances that is a constant

What is a flattened circle or oval?

I think you mean an ellipse.

What is the difference between a circle an a oval?

A circle has a constant radius whereas an oval does not.

How is the planet's orbit shaped like?

Most things orbit in an elliptical pattern. There is a technical definition of an ellipse but between you and me it is an oval.

Is an oval a graph of a function?

No, the graph of an oval/ellipse is not a function because it does not pass the vertical line test.

What does the word ellipse means?

Ellipse is a term for an oval. Specifically it is a shape where the sum of the distance of every point on the ellipse to two points, called the foci, is equal.

What are the difference between circle and ellipse between circle and ellipse?

An ellipse is a shape on which the sum of the distances from every point to two points inside called the foci (focuses) is always the same number. A circle is an ellipse with both foci (focuses) at the same point.

What does the path the earth takes around the sun look like?

An oval. An ellipse, actually, which is sort of like an oval.

What is difference between eclipse and ellipse?

An eclipse is when the moon or sun block each other out. An ellipse is a mathmaticle geomotry tearm that has to do with curves.

How is a sphere is different form an ellipse?

A sphere is three-dimensional whereas an ellipse is two-dimensional. An ellipse can have an oval shape but a cross section of a sphere is always circular.

What kinds of orbits are there?

There is an orbit that makes an oval shape called an ellipse

What shape are planetary orbits?

They are usually an ellipse, which is a regular oval shape.

How do you spell ovol?

The correct spelling is oval (an ellipse or egg shape).

What is the difference between an equation for a hyperbola and an ellipse?

An ellipse uses addition and a hyperbola uses subtraction.Ellipse: x2/a + y2/b = 1Hyperbola: x2/a - y2/b = 1

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