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Extension in supply is the extension of the vendor contract for a longer duration while increase is the increase within the stipulated time.

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Difference between an increase in Supply and an increase in quantity supplied?

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Difference between change in supply and change in quantity supply?


Differentiate between extension of demand and increase in demand?

In AS/A2 examination economic theory, an increase in demand would normally refer to an increase in the quantity demanded at every price level (i.e. a shift in the "curve"). An extension of demand is an increase in the quantity demanded because the price has changed (usually because supply has shifted) - ie a movement along the demand curve. Sad but true!

What is the Difference between supply voltage and input voltage?

no difference...

What is difference between individual supply curve and market supply curve?

The difference between individual supply curve and the market supply curve is tat individual supply curve is like a firm. To be able to get the market supply curve you have to have the individual supply curve.

What is the difference between supply function and supply curve?

supply function can be defined as the quantity of a good.

What is difference between provide and supply?

in business

Why does a supply curve slope upwards?

it is so because, there exists a positive relation between price and supply, i.e wen price increase then supply olso tends to increase the same. . .

What is Increase Supply?

Increase Supply means to have more of a specific supply on hand.

What is the difference between price and supply?

The relationship between these things is that supply and demand work together to determine the price of a good or service.

What is the difference between a supply and demand?

Availablity versus demand

What were the difference between the north and south supply lines?

we have textbooks

What is the difference between individual supply and market supply?

One says individual and the other says market!

What is the difference between capitalism and mercantilism?

the major difference between the two is mercantalism is based around the government and capitalism around the individual. Mercantalism depends on a trading market of exporting more than importing to increase the gold and silver of a country. Capitalism has supply and demand.

Is An increase in supply is represented by a movement up the supply curve?

An increase in the supply is not represented by a movement up the supply cuve. A movement up supply curve is due to the increase in quantity supplied instead of the increase in supply. Alternatively, it can also be due to increase in the price of the goods that could lead to movement up the supply curve.

What is difference between SMPS And UPS?

The Main difference between a Switched Mode Power Supply and an Uninteruptable Power Supply is the function. SMPS are like a conditioner of electricity supply for a building, house, etc. UPS are the emergency backup power supply for vital computer based systems

What is the difference between refrigeration and air conditioning?

One difference between air conditioning and refrigeration is the circulation systems. The point of supply for the gases they use is another difference.

What is the difference between the supply and the supply curve?

Supply is the quantities of commodities in a producer willing and able to offer for sale for a particular period of time while supply curve is the use of graphical method to show the relationship between the price and the quantity supply.

Give three examples that cause supply to increase?

Three examples that cause supply to increase are overproduction, inflation and lack of demand. Lack of demand for supply can create the supply to increase eventually.

What is the difference between supply side gaps and demand side gaps?

Supply is the amount produced and demand is the amount that is wanted.

Demand increases and supply increases?

interpret what an increase in demand and an increase in supply mean.

What are the basis of an increase or decrease in supply?

demand in supply is the basis of it's increase and decrease

How do you increase the land supply?

get more supply

Will increase in nominal money supply increase real money supply?

No because real money supply would only increase if the price level doesnt increase or increases at a slower pace than the increase in nominal money supply. This is because the real money supply takes into account the current price level.

What is the difference between chillers and cooling towers?

The main difference between chillers and cooling towers is that a cooling tower uses pumps to circulate a water supply. On the other hand, a chiller uses a fan to circulate the water supply.

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