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What is the difference between an inspector and a detective?

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(in the US) The titles and ranks that various law enforcement agencies give their personnel are not uniform or standard. In some agencies the term Inspector does mean Detective, in other agencies the title Inspector means other things entirely.

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Is there a difference between a homicide detective and a homicide inspector?

"Inspector" probably identifies a senior detective or a supervisor of detectives. The title will be used differently by different departments.

What is the similarities and differences between a private detective and a private eye?

There are no differences between a private detective and a private eye. These titles are all the same the only difference is the name itself. Private Detective Private Investigator Private Inspector Private Eye (slang) Private Dick (slang) shamus (nick name) The titles Detective, Investigator and Inspector are determined by each states professional license board.

What are the ranks of the metropolitan police?

Constable....detective constable sergeant....detective sergeant inspector....detective inspector chief inspector....detective chief inspector superintendent....detective superintendent chief superintendent....detective chief superintendent commander deputy assistant commissioner assistant commissioner deputy commissioner commissioner

What is the difference between a scientist and a detective?

a scientist is your face and a detective is yo mama

What is the difference between a detective and a archaeologist?

detectives interrogate!

What type of detective is Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau?

Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau is a fictional detective. He is described as bumbling and incompetent.

What is inspector gadgets name?

Inspector Gadget name is Detective Leon Phelps.

What does DI mean in police?

Detective Inspector

Who created the detective inspector maigret?

Georges Simenon

What does di mean in british police?

Detective Inspector

What is short for 'detective'?

PI - Private Detective DI - Detective Inspector (Police) DS - Detective Sargent (Police) DC - Detective Constable (Police) TDC - Training Detective Constable (Police)

What actors and actresses appeared in Rikostarinoita Suomesta - 2001?

The cast of Rikostarinoita Suomesta - 2001 includes: Kari Aaltio as Himself - Detective Sergeant Sulo Aalto as Himself - Senior Detective Constable Jussi Hakaniemi as Himself - Detective Inspector Juha Hakola as Himself - Inspector Jarmo Heikkinen as Himself - Narrator Esko Heinonen as Himself - Detective Inspector Pentti Hirvonen as Himself - Detective Sergeant Kalevi Imppola as Himself - Detective Sergeant Nina Juurakko as Herself - Senior Detective Constable Matti Karjalainen as Himself - Chemist Arto Karjalainen as Himself - Detective Sergeant Matti Ketola as Himself - Detective Sergeant Olli Kolstela as Himself - Detective Chief Inspector Ismo Kopra as Himself - Detective Inspector Teemu Kruskopf as Himself - Detective Inspector Harri Kukkola as Himself - Senior Detective Constable Kaisa Lalu as Herself - Forensic Pathologist Kai Lehtonen as Himself - Police Sergeant Kari Leivo as Himself - Head of Research, Tapiola Matti Liikala as Himself - Police Sergeant Jimmy Lindeberg as Jogger Heikki Maijanen as Himself - Chief Inspector, Supo Aimo Ojanen as Himself - Assistant Police Commissioner Esko Peltola as Himself - Detective Chief Inspector Harri Rahikka as Himself - Detective Chief Inspector Juha Rautaheimo as Himself - Detective Chief Inspector Juha Rautaheimo as Himself - Detective Inspector Ritva Santavuori as Herself - Prosecutor Kai Selander as Himself - District Prosecutor Katrin Spiegel as Herself - Leading Police Inspector, Central Criminal Police Estonia Raili Sulkava as Herself - Chemist Mika Tauru as Himself - Detective Sergeant Ville Tiihonen as Burglar Tapani Tikkala as Himself - Detective Sergeant Kari Toivanen as Himself - Detective Chief Inspector Timo Tuura as Himself - Chief Security Officer Sami Vehmersuo as Burglar Mikko Ylikangas as Himself - Lecturer, Police College Pentti Yliniva as Himself - Detective Chief Inspector

How can you use the word inspector in a sentence?

the house inspector said there was a short circuit in my computer.

What is the career ladder of detective inspector in the UK?

nature of occupation

What does DCI stand for in the police force?

Detective Chief Inspector

Who was inspector Morse's sidekick?

Detective Sergeant Robert Lewis

How much does a detective chief inspector earn?

About 32,986,182. (milla pennies)

How much does a nypd inspector make?

An NYPD inspector makes a base salary is 87,278 a year. The total pay of a NYPD Detective is 97,735 a year;

What is the difference between a detective and a police officer?

A detective investigates. A police officer catches bad guys.Another View: There is no difference. They are all police officers. Detective is simply a job title that describes that particular officer's job (e.g.: canine handler - patrol officer - SWAT member - etc).

Who played detective inspector Dave Creegan in the ITV drama Touching Evil?

Robson Green.

Which fictional detective is found in pink panther films?

This would be Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau .

Name a fictional detective who makes spy work look like a lot of fun?

Inspector GadgetJames BondSherlock HolmesNancy DrewI would disagree, James Bond is a spy only not a detective,Inspector Gadget was initially a cartoon character, and not a spy.Nancy Drew is neither a spy or a detective, and Sherlock Holmes is an analyist rather than a detective, and was never a spy. A detective is usually a police officer, an individual can detect, but is not a detective, and a spy is someone who either works for a government or a company to get information.

What UK crime saga was gritty?

The TV Series Rebus is an adaptation of the Inspector Rebus books - which are a series of detective novels by Ian Rankin (a Scottish author). The novels are based on the title character Detective Inspector John Rebus with most set in and around Edinburgh.

What is the difference between a detective and crime scene investigator?

A crime scene investigator analyzes evidence from a crime scene. A detective does show up to the crime scene. They just cant touch evidence.

What is difference between TT and TTE in railway?

TT- Table Tennis TTE- Train Ticket Examiner TTI- Train Ticket Inspector