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What is the difference between artificial and manmade satellites?

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Artificial means the same as man made..!!

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What is the difference between natural forces and manmade forces?

None. Its an artificial distinction.

What is the difference between natural and artificial nuclides?

The difference between natural and artificial nuclides is that natural nuclides can be found in nature, and artificial nuclides cannot. Artificial nuclides are created, perhaps in the physics lab.

What is a artificial?

Artificial means that it does not occur naturally. If something is artificial it is manmade.

What is the difference between manmade and natural recourse?

that manmade is what human makes natural is somthing earth makes

Small body that orbits a planet?

Satellites, whether they be asteroids, moons, manmade satellites, or whatever.

Is rutherfordium manmade?

Rutherfordium is an artificial element.

Is nobelium manmade or natural?

Nobelium is an artificial element.

Is berkelium a natural or manmade?

Berkelium is an artificial element.

Is curium manmade?

Yes, curium is an artificial element.

Why are moons called satellites?

In astronomical terms, a satellite is any body that orbits another body. Planets are satellites of stars, and there are smaller "satellite galaxies" that border or orbit larger galaxies such as the Milky Way.The word moons refers to satellites of planets, dwarf planets, or asteroids. They are often called "natural satellites" to differentiate them from "artificial satellites" which are manmade devices in orbit around planets or moons.

What is artificial wood?

Artificial wood is wood that is manmade, it looks like real wood but it isn't.

Difference between natural and manmade resources?

Natural resources are those that you can find out in nature. Manmade resources are resources that must be manufactured or made by humans.

What is an artificial satillite?

Anything manmade that orbits a large body (such as the earth)

What was sputnik famous for?

It was the first artificial (manmade) object to be placed in orbit around the earth. It started the space race between the USA and the USSR.

What is the number of natural satellites Mars has?

Two natural satellites. Phobos and Deimos. There is as well three manmade satellites: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, 2001: Mars Odyssey and Mars Express.

Mendelevium does it occur naturally in nature or is manmade?

Mendelevium is an artificial chemical element.

What is the difference between natural architecture and man made architecture?

Take the words 'natural' and 'manmade', think about them, and you will have the answer.

What is the number of satellites that orbit earth?

According to norad, there are over 10000 manmade objects orbiting the earth, actually 9800 plus, but the moon is one. The rest are manmade.

Is uranium anatural or manmade?

Uranium is a natural chemical element; but uranium has also and artificial isotopes.

What is the difference between bioluminescence and chemiluminescence?

Bioluminiscence: luminiscence obtained in living organisms. Chemiluminiscence: luminiscence from manmade chemical reactions.

What objects in the universe reflect light from stars?

Objects such as planets, moons and asteroids, and manmade objects like satellites.

Difference between manmade disasters and natural disasters?

The difference between a natural disaster and a manmade disaster is that a human caused the disaster and a natural disaster is caused by nature. For example a tornado is a natural disaster because nature was behind it but for instance bombing was done by arsonists which are humans so that is classified as a man made disaster.

What is the difference between a bio-polymer and a synthetic polymer?

A biopolymer exist only in natural products; a synthetic polymer is manmade.

What are satellites that orbit earth?

The moon is the only major natural satellite orbiting Earth. There are thousands of small, manmade satellites in orbit currently, used for anything from communications to positioning to research to espionage.

What are the different space satellites in the outer space?

there are many satellites in space.there are natural satellites and manmade satellites.For example,Earth"s natural satellite is the Moon.there are more than 3000 satellites in space!Some examples of their users are:weather forecast,communication from one place to another quickly.etc