What is the difference between blue ray and DVD?

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Blu-Rays are used only for high definition. Blu-Rays hold up 5 times more data than a DVD can hold. Blu-Rays have capabilities that are way ahead of DVDs, such as accessing the bonus material while watching the movie
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What is the difference between DVD and VCD?

There are a number of differences, some of which are technical, and I can't explain those to you. For example, the formatting or coding on the disc is different, and that's Greek to me. But I can tell you a few things. First of all, they both should play in your DVD player. Almost all DVD players th ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between DVD-R and DVD Plus R?

Dvd-r is a format of DVD to be burned The DVD +r is considered slightly more compatible with DVD players and more reliable for computer DVD players www.Ricoh.com might be able to shed more light on this.

What is difference between CD and DVD?

They use the same technology and disc size. They differ in how dense the tracks are printed onto the disc and the format. The recorder and players have to have different lasers, to be able to read the data. DVD players are backward compatible with CDs.

Difference between DVD and vcd?

Video Compact Disc (VCD) has the picture quality of a VHS tape andhold about 74 - 80minutes of video. Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)processes a higher quality picture and holds more than two hours offilm on one disc.

What is the difference between a DVD and a CD?

Answer Data on a CD is written is form of small dots. A laser is used in CD drive to read data from CD. The light reflected because of the dots on the CD is translated to 1's and 0's. The difference between a DVD and CD is that DVD uses a more concentrated laser beam. This allows it to read very ve ( Full Answer )

Is there a difference in HD DVDs and Blu-ray?

HD DVD and Bluray were competing high definition disc formats. In 2009 HD DVD was withdrawn from sale as it became apparent that Bluray had won the HD disc battle. The two formats are not compatible so HD DVDs can only be played on an HD DVD player.

What is the difference between a CD and a DVD?

The main difference between a CD and a DVD is amount of storage space. A CD generally holds 700 MB and 80 minutes of sound (tracks, speech and the like). A DVD generally holds 4.7 GB (Thats 4700 MB, and a singlelayer DVD. Doublelayered hold up to 8 GB, while doublesided and doublelayered DVDs h ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a DVD and Blu-ray?

dvds are a standard definition media that stores sd video. Blu-rays are the next gen media for high definition video. also, blu-rays have 7.1 surround sound and dvds have 5.1 surround sound so blu-rays are better. also blu-rays are more scratch resistant than dvds. blu-rays can store more v ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between Blu-ray and HD-dvd?

Blue Ray has almost double the lines of resolutions as HD-DVD, so therefore, double the picture quality. Actually, Blu-Ray is high definition (HD). But if by HD you meant the HD DVD, those are discontinued

What is the difference between CDs DVDs and Blu-ray discs?

CDs, DVDs and BluRay discs all work in similar ways. The primary difference is the data density on each disc. CD is the lowest density. A DVD can store several times the amount of data on the same surface area and BluRay will store several time the amount of a DVD.

What is the difference between a regular DVD player and Blu-ray DVD player?

The main difference is the color of the laser used. Regular DVD players have used the traditional red laser, whereas the new Blu-Ray DVD players use an innovative blue laser. So what's the big deal? The primary difference is that blue light has a shorter wavelength than red light and thus allows ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between blu-ray and a normal DVD player?

The difference is that the Blue-ray player records info in blue rays which have a shorter wavelenght so they can record and improve sound and picture. The DVD player records in red rays which have a longer wavelnght so picture and sound are watered down.

What is the difference between CDs and DVDs?

CDs have a storage capacity of around 700MB whereas standard DVDs can store 6 times as much information - around 4.5 GB - or even more on double layered DVDs. This means that video content (around 3GB for a movie) will fit onto a DVD but would be too large for a CD.

What is the difference between DVD and CDROM?

\nThe difference between a CDROM and a DVD is not only in the type and size of the content. On CDs, there is written, usually the word CD and some order things. And, on a DVD, there is DVD written on it. Although, the best way to tell is to put it in your computer and check the total size of the dis ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a CD and DVD?

CD is compact disk or optical disk where you have the storage capacity of 700 MB(80 minutes of audio)DVD is digital versatile disk where you have the storage capacity of 4.7 GB.(6 times of CD)

What is the different between CD and DVD?

CD and DVD are 2 different types of media storage. DVD's can hold far more data on them due to the fact that the laser used to read them is much narrower. CDs can hold a maximum of 700mb or about .7GB For DVDs, there are currently two types available:. DVD_+R/RW which holds 4.3 Gb. DVD-+R/RW ( Full Answer )

What is Blue-ray DVD?

\nIt's not called "Blue-ray DVD" it's just called "Blu-Ray" and it is just a DVD that is able to hold a longer movie with better audio and picture quality for High Definition movies.

What is the difference between dvdr and DVD?

The difference is the disk, dvdr has a slightly smaller disk, to most you wont even be able to see it, the fact of using dvd disc's means that youll be able to have the bigger disc's meaning better memory as it has more space to hold more!

What makes the Blu-ray DVD different?

Blu-Rays are not DVDs. Blu-Rays will only work on Blu-Ray players. They are for high definition TVs only. A Blu-Ray disc can hold up to a maximum of 50 GB, which is 5 times more data than a DVD

The differences between Blu-ray and DVD?

Parameters Blu-ray DVD Storage capacity 25GB (single-layer) 50GB (dual-layer) 4.7GB (single-layer) 8.5GB (dual-layer) Laser wavelength 405nm (blue laser) 650nm (red laser) Numerical aperture (NA) 0.85 0.60 Disc diameter Disc thickness 120mm 1.2mm 120mm 1.2mm Protection laye ( Full Answer )

What is different between DVD and CD?

The difference between a DVD and a CD is that the former can storevideo and image files whereas the latter stores audio and imagefiles. Another difference is that the storage space on a CD is 700MB while a DVD stores about 4.7 GB of data.

What is the difference between blu ray and normal DVD?

Blu-Ray discs can only be played on HDTVs. Blu-Rays hold up to 5 times more data than a standard DVD. Blu-Rays also have a special hardcoat layer on the bottom that makes it more resistant to scratches. And Blu-Rays have better image and sound quality than a DVD does. Blu-Ray players also have a bac ( Full Answer )

Can you play a DVD on a blue ray?

Yes Most will also upscale the DVD and provide better than 480i or standard resolution. PS3 blu-Ray and all Sony Blu-rays will have near 1080p upscaling of the DVD

What is the difference between DVD and CD?

as name drive basically dvd is "digital video disk "and cd is compact disk .in dvd a no. of files (movie ,data etc)are stored but in cd less amount of data is stored in compact size.

How Blu-ray is different than DVD?

Blu-Ray is for HD only. They can hold up to 50GB of data which is 5 times more than a DVD. Blu-Rays have numerous abilities that DVDs can never have, such as accessing the bonus material WHILE watching the movie

What is the difference between DVD-rom and DVD-rw?

A DVD-RW disc is a rewritable optical disc with equal storage capacity to a DVD-R, typically 4.7 GB. RW discs are can be written to and erased many times, they are both readable and writeable. Pre-recorded DVDs are mass-produced using molding machines that physically stamp data onto the DVD. S ( Full Answer )

What are some differences between HD DVDs and BluRay DVDs?

HD DVDs and BluRay DVDs have some things in common. However, BueRay discs can hold more information since they have a tighter track. BueRay discs have a thinner disc, with a special coating to protect them. This makes BluRay more expensive.

What is the difference between DVD types?

DVD r the R stands for recordable. DVD rw the rw stands for re-writable. Both types let you record, the rewritable lets you use them multiple times. The - and + symbol standards were developed by different companies and are noting single layer recording or multilayer recording styles For pre-r ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between DVD and USB?

A DVD is a disk that is coated in a layer of material, that material is physically changed using a lazer to make dents in the material. This represents the 1s and 0s by making into a dent or no dent. A USB drive is a small stick that has billions of tiny cells that can be manipulated to allow ele ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a zip and a DVD?

Depends on what you mean by "zip". A zip file is a file of data that has been compressed to maximize storage space. A zip disk was a removeable magnetic recording medium that held more than a floppy disk, but less than a DVD. A DVD is an optical medium. You can put zip files on a DVD, but t ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a DVD and Blu-ray player?

Blu Ray players are the upgrade to the DVD player, and as such offers better picture resolution for the viewer. An important distinction is that Blu Ray players can read and play DVDs but DVD players cannot read and play Blu Ray discs.

What is the difference between Blu-ray and dvd players?

Blu Ray players will play DVDs and Blu Ray discs. Blu Ray discs often have interactive features and 1080p HD picture, while DVDs do not. Blu Rays can hold a much larger amount of information, which allows for these features. Blu Ray players also cost much more than DVD players.

What are the differences between Blu-ray players and DVD players?

There are a few differences between a DVD player and a Blueray player. For instance, Blueray players and Blueray discs have higher picture definition and quality. The Blueray disc is also capable of holding more information. DVD information is written on the disc with a red laser, which a blue la ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between Blu-ray and HD DVD?

Blu-ray discs have tighter track pitches making them able to hold more information than an HD DVD of the same size. Blu-ray discs also have a thinner surface layer than HD DVD discs. This makes the laser able to focus better.

What is the difference between films on DVD and films on Blu-ray?

Blu-Ray technology is the successor to DVD technology and is significantly more powerful (similar to DVD being the successor to the VHS format). This allows films on Blu-Ray to look crisper, sharper, and generally higher quality. DVDs remain popular with many people who prefer a lower price to a bet ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a Blu-ray Disc and a regular DVD?

Blu Ray Discs are able to hold more data which in turn means it is capable of holding HD copies, which if you have a HD TV will mean a greater quality viewing. Regular DVD just has normal resolution although the difference can only be seen if the TV is not an old standard one.