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A bonus when used in employment is typically a monetary compensation. A fringe benefit is a bonus as well, but sometimes benefits are not monetary.

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Difference between bonus and fringe benefits?

The difference between a bonus and fringe benefits is that the fringe benefits are constant and a bonus is not. A bonus is usually paid out once a year based on work performance. A person can enjoy fringe benefits of working somewhere all the time, like a free health care plan.

What are fringe benefits perks and compensation?

ANSWER Fringe benefits are a part of compensation. Compensation, typically refers to your total employment benefits package, which would also include your base pay/salary. Fringe benefits typically include non-monetary benefits (e.g. cell phone/blackberry, laptop, car, medical insurance coverage, membership to a health club, etc.). Fringe benefits also generally include a retirement plan. A specific breakdown would be: Fringe Benefits - Retirement, Medical, Dental, Vision, etc.; Perks - Cell phone/blackberry, laptop, car, housing allowance, health club membership, etc.; and Compensation - Base Salary, Overtime Pay, Annual Bonus, Holiday Pay, etc.Fringe Benefits Compensation to employees in addition to salary. Some examples of fringe benefits are paid holidays, retirement plans, life and health insurance plans, subsidized cafeterias, company cars, stock options, and expense accounts. In many cases, fringe benefits can add significantly to an employee's total compensation, and are a key ingredient in attracting and retaining employees. For the most part, fringe benefits are not taxable to the employee, though they are generally tax-deductible for the employer.****************************************************************** Compensation or other benefit provided by the employer to the employee at no charge that is above and beyond salary or wages. Examples include health plans, Cafeteria Plans, and life insurance.******************************************************************

What is the difference between salary and bonus?

A salary is the money you get each year and a bonus is something you get plus your salary, usually you would get a bonus for doing something excellent.

What is the difference between a rebate and bonus cash when buying a car?

Well a rebate starts with R and Bonus starts with B

What is difference between vested bonus and cash bonus?

A vested bonus is only given once the vesting terms have been reached. In some profit sharing cases this is from two until five years. A cash bonus has no time requirement.

What is the difference between severance pay and a retention bonus?

They pay a retention bonus to get you to stay on the job. They pay you severance pay when they let you go. [Retain/Sever]

What is the difference between bonus and profit sharing?

Bonus means we are getting much money by doing a work. Profit means when we sell with more money it is known as profit.

What are the differences between bonus and incentives?

The major difference is that bonus mean something extra which is usually in cash and incentive is provided to motivate a person which may e in the form of extrinsic or intrinsic reward. However the purpose of both incentive and bonus is the same.

Difference between a bonus and commission?

Commission is when you get paid on the amount of items you sell and a bonus is given usually once a year when the worker has met their performance targets so get given extra money.

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What is the difference between over time and bonus?

Overtime is working for more pay and bonuses are when the company gives you money as a gift, such as around the holidays.

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Difference between distributive and procedural justice?

Procedural justice is the process leading up to an outcome (use of organizational resources). Distributive justice is how organization resources are allocated. Here is an example for getting a bonus at work Procedural Justice If you do A, B, and C you will get a bonus. Distributive Justice You did A, B, and C, here is your bonus Distributive Injustice You did A, B, and C, but you're not getting a bonus.

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What is cumulative bonus in health insurance?

An increased in the sum assured by a percentage of every claim free year is called Cumulative Bonus in health insurance policy. It is important to renew the policy without a break to avail cumulative bonus benefits.

What is a compensation package?

Sum of direct benefits (such as salary, allowances, bonus, commission) and indirect benefits (such as insurance, pension plans, vacations) that an employee receives from an employer. []

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