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Girls have more taste buds than boys. (If you don't believe me, get the book,: National

Geographic Kids: Weird but True!)

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boys have a penis and girls do not

The difference between them is a girls basketball is not as heavy as a boys basketball!

the answer is girls because they tend to go to the boys parties.

In boys softball they use a bigger ball than the girls =)

Boys have a tail at the back whereas girls don't.

there isn't a difference between boys and girls except there body parts cause most girls play just as good as boys

yes. girls do have more taste buds than boys.

boys had to clean the chimneys and girls had to do the house workes

Absolutely. The most general difference with the two is that boys remember the general idea, while girls remember the details.

Seriously Funny Kids - 2011 The Difference Between Boys and Girls was released on: USA: 28 March 2011

That depends on the boys taste. Some boys may or may not like indie girls.

There is a difference between boys and girls lacrosse that is barely noticeable. You can't even tell the difference from the two sticks. Anybody can mistake a boys stick for a girls stick. There is no difference in what you buy.

Spartan boys were trained to fight and die in battle, Spartan girls were trained to give birth to a Spartan.

girls have breast boys do not boys have penis's and girls have vagina's There are significant skeletal differences. Agreed. Skeletal differences, Girls also have vigina's whereas boys dont (: They also behave differently

Girls have vaginas, boys have penises, and your mom has both

there not you sexist Boys have can remember the taste of food longer than girls

There are boys and girls. They are different

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girls have more taste buds then boys believe it or not this is why boys are less picky with their food especially when young.

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