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What is the difference between c language and embedded c language?


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Using normal C you cannot address a bit value.

The minimum you can address is 1 byte.

using embedded C you can access even abit value

C is a widely used general purpose high level programming language mainly intended for system programming


Embedded C is an extension to C Programming language that provides support for developing efficient programs for embedded devices


It is not a part of the C language

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embedded language is vury gandi languange. this is not intersted in c and c++. ok understand

In C We can not address the Bit value. In Embedded C we can Address the Bit value. Srianth

Linux is an operating system and C is a programming language. An operating system is needed for a computer to do stuff. C needs a computer to run on. In terms of a car, Linux is the cars driver and C is the passenger.

There are huge differences between the two even though they might do the very exact same job in some projects but the main difference is that in FPGAs we use HDL (hardware description language) on the same piece of hardware while on Embedded Systems you use a programming language(e.g. C) and the hardware you need for your project

The C and C programming languages are one and the same. There is no difference between those languages.

The question is similar to : What is the Difference between "English" and "Talking in English" "C" is a Language. "C Programming" is a verbal usage

Unix is an operating system, and C is a programming language. It just so happens that Unix is written in the C language...

C is a programming language. A shell is an interface.

turbo is word to do the programming language in c & c++ and i do no about borland

An operating system is a program that can be written in C

c is a both high and low level language but pascal is a low level language only

turbo c is a compiler and c++ is a programming language.

There is no private or protected specifier in C. It is a C++ concept.

It's pretty much like the case of apple and fruit.C language is one of the programming languages.

It is just a different coding language, but C is more for business that VBNET

C++ is a language. .NET is an environment. They are not really comparable.

The fundamental difference is that in C++ object-oriented programming (OOP) was added. C is a procedural language (that means. top-down structure design), where as C++, which is an extension of C itself, is an object oriented language.

The programming language: Visual Basic is a BASIC-like (or BASIC-derived) language, Visual C is... well C.

getchar() is used in c language.getchare() is not used in c language.More specifically to say there is no function in c named getchare().

The difference between if-else and conditional operator is that IF-ELSE statement is easy to understand.

Embedded SQL is a method of combining the computing power of a programming language and the database manipulation capabilities of SQL. Embedded SQL statements are SQL statements written inline with the program source code of the host language. The embedded SQL statements are parsed by an embedded SQL preprocessor and replaced by host-language calls to a code library. The output from the preprocessor is then compiled by the host compiler. This allows programmers to embed SQL statements in programs written in any number of languages such as: C/C++, COBOL and Fortran.The ANSI SQL standards committee defined the embedded SQL standard in two steps: a formalism called Module Languagewas defined, then the embedded SQL standard was derived from Module Language.[1] The SQL standard defines embedding of SQL as embedded SQL and the language in which SQL queries are embedded is referred to as the host language. A popular host language is C. The mixed C and embedded SQL is called Pro*C in Oracle and Sybase database management systems. In the PostgreSQL database management system this precompiler is called ECPG. Other embedded SQL precompilers are Pro*Ada, Pro*COBOL, Pro*FORTRAN, Pro*Pascal, and Pro*PL/I.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN c&c++ IS JST THAT c++ IS MODIFIED LANGUAGE AND IT IS A HOGH LEVEL LANGUAGE AS COMPARED c IS A LOW LEVEL LANGUAGE C++ was developed as a better 'C' language. In addition, C is a procedural language only, and C++ has both procedural language features and object oriented features. Both are considered high level languages. C++ is an addition to C. C only allows you to write programs as a list of instructions (procedure), while C++ allows you to write separate objects, and link them together to produce a piece of software.

main difference b/w c and c++ is that c is procedural language whereas c++ is object oriented language also classes are not used in c but in c++ classes are used.

java is an advanced object oriented programming language than c++

Embedded c deals with MicroControllers,IO Ports( Ram, Rom). where as C deals with only memory, operatingSystems. C is a desktop programming language. for embedded a piece of software code is implemented into the hardware for its functioning which should supports pre-emption, low latency etc.

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