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Colloidal particles are very tiny and move around due to temperature. They do not settle. A suspension consists of relatively large particles which will settle over time. A solution has one component dissolved into the other and will not settle.


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I think the solution colloid can get through the filter paper but suspension can't.

Well they are the same thing because a solution is a type of mixture. If there had to be a difference a colloid solution is when particles are mixed as a colloid in water but a colloid mixture could be anything: a gas colloid, a liquid colloid or a solid colloid. Or any of those three mixed together! It is complicated but basically the difference is that one is particles spread thought mixture and one isn't. Hope it helps :)

A solution has only one phase.A suspension has two phases.A colloid has two phases but the colloidal particles have dimensions under 1 micrometre.

what are the differences between the volume of a solutions molecules and the colloid

a colloid contains larger particles than a solution. the particles are still too small to be seen easily, but are large enough to scatter a light beam

a solution is a well-mixed mixture containing a solvent and at least one solute that has the same properties throughout. a colloid is a mixture containing small, undissolved particles that do not settle out.

Colloid means something that has properties in between solution and suspension.

Sugar solution is not a colloid.

No it is not a colloid. Colloid is a kind of solution in which the size of solute particles is intermediate between those in true solutions and those in suspension.

i think it's a colloid- which is the mixture that is in between a solution and suspension.

A colloid is a solution where the particles inside it are between 1 and 1000 nanometers in diameter. The particles inside the solution are evenly dispersed throughout the solution and do not precipitate out.

A paint may be a solution, colloid or suspension.

is blood a solution, suspension, or colloid

A colloid is not a single compound; it is a mixture with properties between those of a solution and fine suspension.

Use the Tyndall Effect shine a light through it. If the light is scattered then it is colloidal. Both colloids and suspensions are heterogeneous. A solution will not show the beam through it's substance but the colloid will. The particles in the suspension will eventually settle at the bottom, showing that it is NOT a solution.

Good question, You use the variables that make it a solution suspension or colloid. Like a solution is a mixture of dissolved particles, a suspention is partly dissolved particles that are suspended in the mixture, and a colloid is somewhere in between. -Zane Chandler

particles in a solution and colloid will settle out over time..

Is syrup and water a solution suspension or colloid

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