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Do you mean Community Service Officers (CSO)? CSO's assist by doing all the stuff that cops hate. Parking, accident reports, vehicle lock outs, direct traffic and such. I've seen some departments that allow them to make traffic stops.

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What is the difference between police community relations and community policing?

Police community relations are the relationships between the police force and people it polices. Community policing is where members of the community carry out police functions.

What is Community policing best characterized by?

a partnership between the police and the community

The key to community policing is a partnership between the police and the community?


What is the difference between a police academy and police school?

The name.

What is the difference between police an coastguard?

Police can't swim

What is the difference between a Mountie and a police officer?

"Mountie" is just a slang term for a police officer who works for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Mounties are police officers. There is no difference between the two.

Police community relations program in the Philippines?

The police community relations program, in the country of the Philippines, was started in 2005. The program is intended to better relationship between police and civilians

Difference between NH state police and NH trooper?

There is no difference, the state police is the division, the trooper is the person.

What is the difference between police force and police officer?

The police force is the organisation A police officer is one person in the police force

Community policing is best characterized by?

Community policing is best characterized as a partnership. It is formed as a result of cooperation between the police and the community.

Difference between police warning and police caution?

Warning is in England, caution in USA

Has community policing really made a difference?

Yes, an aware public can provide a wide range of police intelligence and improve community relations/

What is the job of a community police chief?

The job of it is a community police chief

What is the difference between traditional policing and community policing?

Traditional policing is/was mainly reactive in nature. That is, police patrol the streets during their shift and react to what crimes and/or infractions are being committed. They also, of course, respond to dispatch calls of crimes in progress. Crime prevention is achieved through mere police presence. Negative interaction between the community and police is generally the norm.Community policing, on the other hand, is much more proactive in nature. Police are typically assigned to specific geographic areas in their jurisdiction and establish ties with the various community groups. These groups may include ministerial (church) associations, neighborhood associations, youth groups, etc. The idea is that when police are involved WITH the community they are not viewed as outsiders who are there simply to enforce the law. Crime prevention is achieved through positive interaction with police and the community.

What the police do?

The police protect the community.

Examples of programs in police community relation?

example of police community relations

What are the components police community relation in Philippines?

components of police community relation

What is the difference between a cop and a police?

there is no difference it's just a nickename for a law enforcment officer

What is the difference between Indian police department and American police dipartment?

Indian police is lazy whereas they are fast they are stronger than us police they are corrupt

What is difference between police and permission?

the policy contains many permissions

What is the difference between chief of police and sheriff?

Nothing I don't think

What is the difference between a certified and non certified police officer?


The Era of policing which sought close ties between the police and public officials was called?

epoch policeAdded; Community Oriented Policing

What is the difference between police and the police?

It depends on what you mean. From a gramatical standpoint, "police' can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective. "The police" is a noun, referring to a group of officers or the police department as a whole.

Whats the difference between a sheriff and a state police officer?

Sheriff's do the hole county. State police do the hole state.

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