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Computer science programs prepare people to work with computing problems and solutions. Students learn computer systems design. They study software and hardware design. They also learn to profile the needs of specific end-user situations.

Computer engineering technology programs prepare people to help engineers design and build computer systems. Students learn to install and maintain equipment. They also learn to write and test software programs.


Computer engineering programs prepare people to use math and science to design and operate computer systems. Students learn how to build hardware and software programs. They also learn to assess how well computers help solve problems and complete tasks.

Computer Science Engineering is more oriented to analysis, design, and programming of computer systems. Computer Engineering has a shifted focus to include the hardware design of computer systems.


Computer Science deals more with algorithms and code design. If you got a degree in Computer Science, you would typically be doing software related work.

On the other hand, Computer Engineering is more hardware oriented and is often described as mix between Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. If you earned a degree in Computer Engineering you might be doing things ranging from hardware oriented tasks like circuit design to software related jobs like programming firmware for microcontrollers.

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Q: What is the difference between computer science and computer engineering?
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The difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

computer science and computer engineering mostly overlap each other. The basic difference is that computer science mostly deals with computer software and computer engineering mostly deals with computer hardware.

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Computer Science = software ECE = hardware + software + telecommunication

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computer science is the theoretical study of computing and computing engineering is the specification and design of computers and computing systems.

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they are about the samething

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look..... computer science includes software and hardware engineering both while information technology is all about the software's.

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Computer engineering focuses on computers hardware, similar to electrical engineering, but Computer Science Engineering focuses on the software of computer, ie computer programing.

What is the difference between a degree in computer technology and computer science engineering?

This will depend entirely on the degree programs at the colleges from which you obtain your degrees.

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There is no difference Save

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A computer engineer is someone who makes computers and associated things that go with them, such as printers. Computer science jobs involves codes and such.

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Manufacture of different parts of the computer and its assembly is computer engineering and application and operation of computer comes under computer science.

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