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Computer science programs prepare people to work with computing problems and solutions. Students learn computer systems design. They study software and hardware design. They also learn to profile the needs of specific end-user situations.

Computer engineering technology programs prepare people to help engineers design and build computer systems. Students learn to install and maintain equipment. They also learn to write and test software programs.


Computer engineering programs prepare people to use math and science to design and operate computer systems. Students learn how to build hardware and software programs. They also learn to assess how well computers help solve problems and complete tasks.

Computer Science Engineering is more oriented to analysis, design, and programming of computer systems. Computer Engineering has a shifted focus to include the hardware design of computer systems.


Computer Science deals more with algorithms and code design. If you got a degree in Computer Science, you would typically be doing software related work.

On the other hand, Computer Engineering is more hardware oriented and is often described as mix between Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. If you earned a degree in Computer Engineering you might be doing things ranging from hardware oriented tasks like circuit design to software related jobs like programming firmware for microcontrollers.

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Q: What is the difference between computer science and computer engineering?
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The difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

computer science and computer engineering mostly overlap each other. The basic difference is that computer science mostly deals with computer software and computer engineering mostly deals with computer hardware.

Difference between information system engineering and computer science?


Difference between computer science and computer engineering?

computer science is the theoretical study of computing and computing engineering is the specification and design of computers and computing systems.

What is the difference between ece and computer science engineering?

Computer Science = software ECE = hardware + software + telecommunication

What is the difference bet computer science engineering and computer engineering?

they are about the samething

'What is the difference between computer science and information technology Is Electronics and communication engineering is better than computer science?

look..... computer science includes software and hardware engineering both while information technology is all about the software's.

What is diff between computer engineering and computers science engineering?

Computer engineering focuses on computers hardware, similar to electrical engineering, but Computer Science Engineering focuses on the software of computer, ie computer programing.

What is the difference between a degree in computer technology and computer science engineering?

This will depend entirely on the degree programs at the colleges from which you obtain your degrees.

What is the difference between computer engineering jobs and computer science jobs?

A computer engineer is someone who makes computers and associated things that go with them, such as printers. Computer science jobs involves codes and such.

What is the difference between Safety Engineering Technology and Safety Engineering Science?

There is no difference Save

What is difference between computer engeneering and digital electronics?

The difference between computer engineering and digital electronics is that digital electronics represents signals. Computer engineering integrates several fields of computer science and electrical engineering to make computer systems. Digital electronics is the field of computers and computer controlled devices including the ones with analog inputs and outputs.

Is their any difference between computer science and BCA?

= Is their any difference between computer science and BCA?" =

What are the differences between computer engineering and computer science?

Manufacture of different parts of the computer and its assembly is computer engineering and application and operation of computer comes under computer science.

Uses of computer in computer engineering?

Like many engineering classes require, computer engineering should be taking with prerequisites of electrical engineering. Computers in this field are used for the curriculum. The difference between computer engineering and computer science is that computer engineering deals with the hardware of a computer, or all the things you can see when you open a computer up, like the motherboard or hardrive. comp science deals with the software such as programs like Microsoft word for example

Difference between information technology and computer science engineering?

In Information technology, you're generally working setting up networks, software, and repairing things. In Computer Science Engineering, you'd be designing and creating the next step in Computer technology.

What is the deference between CS and IT in engineering?

Dear friends,I hereby is trying to solve your problem.Diff b/w CS and IT in engineering:The Computer Science engineering is something which contains the specialization in particular computer field and the IT engineering is which contains all the technologies.Ya it is true that now a days in most of the technologies computer science is essential but if we sharply notice at the difference then-"A computer science engineer develops the logic but an IT engineer implements it into different equipments and that is the difference which CS and IT engineering have respectively."- Tomar

Is Bsc Computer Science means Bachlor of Engineering?

Bsc Computer Science does not mean Bachelor or Engineering. It means Bachelor of Science Computer Science. Bachelor of Engineering is B.Engr.

What is the Difference between computer studies and computer science?

The difference between computer studies and computer science is in the aspects that they focus on. In simple form, computer studies look at the computer hardware while computer science if inclined towards the software.

What is the difference between human genetic engineering and genetic engineering?

GE is a science. H GE is the science applied to humans.

Does MIT have Washington accord accreditation?

The following MIT degree programs are accredited by the Washington Accord:Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)Aerospace Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Aerospace Engineering - Information Technology (Bachelor of Science)Chemical Biological Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Chemical Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Civil Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Bachelor of Science)Electrical Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Engineering - Course 2A (Bachelor of Science)Environmental Engineering Science (Bachelor of Science)Materials Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Mechanical and Ocean Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Science)Nuclear Science and Engineering (Bachelor of Science)

What is the difference between BS computer science and BE computer systems degrees?

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science focuses on things like programming and coding. A Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems focuses the design of computer and software systems. The latter stresses design and the former stresses implementation.

What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Application?

Computer Science is to mechanics as Computer Application is to drivers education.

What is the relationship between computer science and computer programing?

Computer science isa science which give knoweledge to us.but the computer programing is a program that we are created to operate computer.that is the difference between the computer science and computer programming.

What is much better computer science engineering or electronics and communication engineering?

electronics is the core computer science engineering hence it is better

What is cs engineering?

Computer Science Engineering.