What is the difference between computer science engineering and information technology?

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering technology programs prepare people to help engineers design and build computer systems. Students learn to install and maintain equipment. They also learn to write and test software programs.

Computer science programs prepare people to work with computing problems and solutions. Students learn computer systems design. They study software and hardware design. They also learn to profile the needs of specific end-user situations.

Computer engineering programs prepare people to use math and science to design and operate computer systems. Students learn how to build hardware and software programs. They also learn to assess how well computers help solve problems and complete tasks.

Computer systems technology programs prepare students to help people who use computer systems. Students learn to design, program, and install computer systems. They also learn to solve computer hardware and software problems.

Information Technology

Information science programs teach people about the collection, organization, and use of information. Students learn about computer data storage and processing. They learn about systems planning and design. They also learn to develop databases that meet user needs.

Information technology programs prepare people to design computer systems. Students learn about computer hardware, software, and networking. They learn to create easy-to-use system designs