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What is the difference between concrete and fiberglass balusters?


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March 12, 2018 7:38AM

The main difference is:

Fiberglass baluster is a shaft that is usually molded or from a lathe-turned form, from one of various materials including wood, stone, concrete, fiberglass, plaster, and other composite materials standing usually on a bottom rail with a top handrail. Multiple balusters and rails form a balustrade system

Concrete balusters show almost no seams when you use precast color matching caulk. ... Options to choose from are concrete railings for your patio, pool, porch, front entrance, backyard, balcony or stairs.

Stair Part Shop is one of the only manufacturers of iron stair parts based in the US. All our stair products are made 100% in the USA. Our facility is located in Chicago IL where we produce industry leading staircase balusters, shoes, panels and newel posts.We have taken the production of staircase parts to a whole new level by introducing a new material; Cultured Marble. In our manufacturing process, we use a plain round or square iron baluster and cast our unique designs on it using marble. So far the world has seen wood and iron balusters.The staircase is the center piece of a house which is why we have a wide variety of stair spindles for our customers to choose from. Our range of wood stair spindles is divided into three main categories. Ornate balusters, tubular balusters and a brand new series of contemporary and modern series.