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Constructing geometric figures means with the help of a compass, protractor and a scale with accurate measurement.

Drawing may just be drawing rough figures with no accurate measurement.

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What is the difference between drawing a geometric figure and constructing a geometric figure?

Drawing is creating a figure without tools (i.e. a ruler, a compass, etc.) Constructing is creating a figure with tools.

What is the difference between sketching drawing and constructing a geometric figure?

when you sketch you proportion a picture of something and a sketch is always black and white. When you draw you create a picture of something without proportioning it and you usually color it . When you construct a geometric figure you use straight lines to form a closed figure :)

Whats the difference between technical drawing and tehnical drawing applications?

The difference between technical drawing application & technical drawing is that in TDA, the concept of constructing figures is how you apply your TDA skills to different types of concepts.On the other hand TD is something which is very straigth forward.Its like you have to use the same method of construction in different figures.Therefore TD is something which is easier than TDA.

What is geometric drawing?

geometic drawing is the drawing of objects which have geomemtric figure...

What is geometrical drawing?

it is a drawing tha uses geometric functions

Difference between sketching and drawing?

Drawing indicates more detail.

What is the difference between scale drawing and ordinary drawing?

A scale drawing is a drawing of and object etc. that is life size!

Kinds of drawing?

There are several different kinds of drawing. There is doodling, sketching, mechanical drawing, life drawing, geometric drawing, analytic drawing, and illustrations.

How would you describe the geometric relationship that exists between the adjacent views of a multiview drawing?

The geometric relationship between the views would be that they have the same exact dimensions (length, width, height) as the "adjacent" view below it or next to it.

What is the difference between isometric and oblique drawing?

in isometric drawing the object is rotated 30 degrees

What is the difference between drawing from observation and drawing from memory?

drawing from observation will be realistic, drawimg from memery will automaticly use the symbol systom.

Which geometric construction is shown below?

It is the drawing of an invisible line.

What is the difference between shown in drawing and shown on drawing?

Shown in drawing and shown on drawing can mean the same thing. These statements would both indicate that the concept is shown somewhere within the drawing.

Geometric figure made with a straightedge and compass?

A construction. A contruction is a geometric drawing of a figure usually made by a compass and a straightedge.

What is the difference between vendor drawing and shop drawing?

A regular drawing is a 2D drawing that one would draw on a piece of paper. A shop drawing will show the intricacies of a structure or building, and is often 3D.

Difference between working drawing and 3d model and sketch?

the difference is stechn is when its light drawn is when its dark!!

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