What is the difference between contiguous and conterminous?

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this one curtesy of badmoon36:

According to Wikipedia, Alaskans and Hawaiians don't typically use either phrase, instead preferring "the mainland", "stateside", "outside" or "the lower 48" (these last two exclusive to AK). Wiki also claims the phrase "continental United States" originated around 1898, when the US acquired Hawaii and other off-shore territories.

Proper linguists could argue against this. "Continental" is easily defined, but "contiguous" is often mistaken. According to Dictionary.com, "contiguous" has a few definitions, and not only means "touching" or "in contact" (as in real estate), but also "near" or "in close proximity without actually touching." This then, when applied to this issue, could include Alaska, depending on whether you regard a little less than 500 miles as "close proximity".

To complicate things further, there is also the "conterminous United States". "Conterminous" means having common borders, the definition often erroneously attributed to "contiguous".