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Q: What is the difference between coriander and moong dal?
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What is the scientific name of MOONG DAL?

moong dal

Why does the moong dal sprout only when soaked overnight?

Why does the moong dal sprout only when soaked overnight?"

What does 'moong dal' mean in Telugu?

Moong Dal is a Hindi word and it means green gramin English.In Telugu moong dal means pesara pappu (పెసర పప్పు).

In which season is moong Dal grown?


What is pesarapappu?

It is the Hindi word for "moong dal".

How are moong dal seeds dispersed?


What is moong dal?

It is another name for mung beans.

What does moong dal mean in Telugu?

pesara bedalu

What soil is moong dal grown on?

loamy soil .

What do you call hari moong dal?


Does whole moong dal helps in weight reduction?

yes it does.

What is moong dal in Tamil?

Mooku Kadalai, or kondai kadalai

How much of rainfall is required for moong dal?

around 19 cm

What is the meaning of lentil in Telugu?

Toor dalm moong dal so anything with dal are known as lentils.

Is moong dal a monocot?


What is the Kannada word for 'moong dal'?

Hesarbele.In Kannada, we would say: hesarbele

How many calories in 1 bowl of green moong dal?

200 calorie

What is kali dal?

black pulse which is actualy Black Moong/Urad pulse

What are the benefits of moong dal?

Moong dal is a good body builder food for vegeterians. This food provides high protein and is very digestible. The other benefit is that there is only a small amount of fat contribution, another positive advantage over meat products that contain a lot of fat.Moong dal can be boiled with rice to make a nutritious meal, known as 'khichdi' in gujrat. Very healthy for people who are willing to sacrifice taste for a better you.

Where is moong dal grown?

tamil nadu, Nepal, USA, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir

What is specific heat capacity of moong dal?

Moong dal is the split bean of the 'moong dal bean' (the seed of Vigna radiata, green beans, green soy) and so it's being a food plant it is not a compound or constant mixture of compounds.In that way you'll never find it in (scientific) heat capacity data tables. It depends on too many variables to estimate accurate figures.

What are the advantages of sprouted moong dal?

madar chod kyu ma chuda raha h sahi jawab de bhosdike

What you call moong dal?

Mung Beans (green variety) another variety the split type (yellow in color is also found)

What is the nutritional value for Indian moong dal?

its about 211 calories for 100 gm, and you should know it depends on cooking oil and ingredients used.

Are urad dal and moong dal same?

Both urad dal and moong dal are different. I was recommended to have a bowl of urad dal during my pregnancy, as it is loaded with calcium, iron, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium. At first, I would just have a bowl because it was recommended, but after a couple of days, I could see a positive change. I felt healthier, and happier. The best part about Urad Dal is that it is easy to make, and it leaves a distinct taste on your palette. Since I have started enjoying the flavour and saw the results, I wanted to pick only the best for me and my baby. That’s when I stumbled upon Organic Tattva. Hands down, the Urad Dal grown and sold by them is the best I have ever tasted. I’d suggest Organic Tattva to anyone who wants to lead a happier life, while not compromising on the taste.