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  • De jure means "by law" and de facto means "as a matter of fact." So De jure segregation is segregation required by law (such as a school being segregated because there is a law requiring it), whereas de facto segregation is more just by chance (such as settlement patterns in a city leading to segregated schools).
  • De facto segregation is segregation by fact or circumstance. Very often this is not a conscious choice. A good example is found in neighborhoods, frequently there is a white neighborhood or a black neighborhood, this concentration can lead to schools that are predominately one race. (Xe facto is latin for by fact.)
  • "De facto" means the person who is serving in that position, or as "in fact"; whereas "de jure" means the person who is legally entitled to perform that function, or "by law," and has the right to perform a function or hold an office. It is important to note that hundreds of years ago, women did not have certain rights, and their husbands would perform the functions for them, although there are other latin terms for that.
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Q: What is the difference between de jure and de facto segregation?
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Difference between de jure and de facto segregation?

De Jure Segregation is separated by LAW De Facto Segregation is separated by 'Fact' not by law

What are two different types of segregation?

De Facto segregation and De Jure segregation

De jure vs de facto segregation?

De jure segregation is when the separation of groups happens by act of law. De facto segregation is separation that is done because of tradition or out of practice.

What is de jure segregation?

De Jure Segregation is racial separation which is forced by specific laws. De facto segregation is generally caused by socioeconomic conditions, not by statute.

What is the difference between De Facto Standards and De Jure Standards?

What is the differences between de'jure and de'facto standards ?

What kind of segregation is it when segregation is not allowed but people do it anyways?

De jure segregation is created by laws; de facto segregation is created by social conditions.Today, de facto segregation is enforced by socioeconomic status, which affects educational and employment opportunities.

Which is the correct translation of segregation de facto?

Segregation de facto is when one faction separates themselves from another out of choice rather than by segregation de jure, which is when the separation is enforced by rule of law.

Why is de facto segregation harder to change than de jure segregation?

Changing de jure segregation simply involves writing or rewriting laws. To change de facto segregation, you have to change the minds and hearts of people and this takes forever.You also have to change housing, employment and economic conditions that divide people by social class. De facto segregation affects not just race but entire socioeconomic groups.

Difference between Women de jure equality and women de facto equality?

De jure indicates that according to law women have equalityDe facto means that as a matter of fact, they don't have equality in many areas

What was the segregation in the north?

For the most part, it was not de jure (i.e, a matter of law) but de facto (a matter of fact).

What was true about segregation in the North?

For the most part, it was not de jure (i.e, a matter of law) but de facto (a matter of fact).

What was true segregation in the north?

For the most part, it was not de jure (i.e, a matter of law) but de facto (a matter of fact).

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