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What is the difference between democratic fascism and republican fascism?


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There is no such thing as either, Fascism is totalitarian.

fascism: a political philosopy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

"I'd say that seems actually more like the Democrat Party. Republican fascism may potentially refer to Progressives disguised as Republicans (Teddy Roosevelt, John McCain, etc)." DESIST!

Don't say THAT loopy crud! The Democrats and Republicans are owned, by WINDSOR, in illegal favor of Tzars, Vatican, David, Saud, against Spain, Asians, Africans, and Arab royalty, to violate our royal favors exclusion clause, but then commerce, et al, from nuisance by our taxpayers and corporations, in collusion to reach to incite, in all states.

All riot, relative to law and uneven enforcement, by any fascists, connected since Constantine, 321 C.E., to CHRISTIANITY. The USA at nuisance asserts illegal continuances in courts and tainted persons, in depraved offices, all over the world!

In order to continue, all Abrahamic religions accept incitement, by Christians, against Jews, claiming a resolved Messiah, in Y'shua, illegally touted as either 'Christ' or 'Jesus,' both false concepts, for profiteering per RICO violations, aggravated, and Art.I Sec.9 attainders, as ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION.

All RIOT. See Iman running for the shadows, when she tried to sell kaftans, on HSC?

Her husband David Bowie overproduces Nixon's warrantless electronic surveillance, including as YOUNG AMERICANS, and so foreshadowed the Iranian revolution, with a song, ripped from young Americans, enrolled or recently graduated, from CAL, Berkeley.

One looked Persian, but as daughter of a Chicago-area physicist and business family, she was too prominent, to ignore how Bowie and Nixon and WB were ripping me, her boyfriend for some five years!

So without bringing my former GF to the Congress, IMAN CAME IN FROM THE COLD, to try to sell kaftans, on TV, even after her guilty husband and Mark May of QUEEN tore off a riff and kept it from Reagan-scion VANILLA ICE, when I played both tunes, right up, to find them duped and overproduced, by corporations, connected to Nixon and Reagan.

Heard of INDIANA, a red state, home to Roth, Jackson, and other rippers? Haunted it is.

We are always about to get sued out of our Wiki riot, by Chinese PRC attorneys, with Taiwan and other material witnesses, for White Fleet consideration, from invaders which call their natives 'Indian,' in deliberate error, to mask their conspiracy to invade and to injure or kill material witnesses, such as John Muhammed or K.Sheik Mohammed, AFTER inciting them to riotous acts of mayhem, as sympathy crime, to coerce chill.

But the US chills, not, at any incitement or misconduct or malfeasance, while aggravated and causing deliberated hazard, to persons for discovery.

Ignore these facrts, at your risk, of discovery by a court of issuance, against fraud.

Jews are from Ethiopia, and so, our word SH*T comes when, full of BRIT, the Crusading BRATS admitted they needed to drop their loads beside the roads, away from Jerusalem, until they conquered, through the Shiites in Teheran, to the Chinese, in Beijing.

Democratic Party dog Franklin took his cousin Teddy's social welfare and passed it, in part, keeping the drug war and jingoism, to try to start WWII.

The US stayed out of the League, since a secret treaty with Victoria allowed the Brits to invade anybody, including Palestine in 1882, while the US invaded Hawaii, 1893, to incite the secret treaty orgy and WWI, and then after the Brits bombed the 1926 Intifada to start modern WWII, this was suppressed as the actual start, of the war.

Riot derives, from the illegal secret treaty, to impose the riot of Abraham, since Lincoln.

The British must fail, as conservators, but as FASCIST SPONSORS, they excel.

The US uses front organizations, like the Democratic Party and Republican Party, to suppress discovery of THE ROYAL SCAM, sung, but suppressed in all courts, in error.