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There are two basic styles of riding boots for English riding. Field and dress boots. Most dressage riders use dress boots while competing.

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Q: What is the difference between dressage boots and riding boots?
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What is the difference between ATV riding boots and dirt bike riding boots?

I don't believe there is a difference other than the sole. They were designed for the same thing: To protect your feet.

Do you have to be a certain age before you can wear high riding boots in Dressage Show Jumping etc competitions?


Can you use ankle boots on a dressage horse?

you cannot use any kind of boots on your horse while showing in dressage.

Is it acceptable to wear brown riding boots for dressage?

This would depend on the show itself and the type of boot. Typically Dressage shows require black 'fittings' like boots and tack, however you should be able to call the show secretary and ask if the answer is not on the entry forms.

Why is special equestrian footwear recommended for riding?

The difference between equestrian footwear compared to regular riding boots is that it offers maximum performance and has the best value without the hassle of buying new different boots to suit you.

What do you call the Small piece of metal at the back of horse riding boots?

it is the spur. it can range from a small and inconspicuous dressage spur, to the western show spur.

What is the purpose of riding boots?

The purpose of riding boots is to make the horseback riding safer and easier. The riding boots can have spurs that are used to control a horse while riding.

What is the difference between splint boots and galloping boots?

I have never heard of galloping boots?

What is the difference between trainers and football boots?

football boots are for football :).

Are long riding boots better than short riding boots?

longer riding boots are better in my opinion as they make riding more comfortable for both horse and rider. Your appearance also looks much better with longer boots.

What is the difference between soccer boots and rugby league boots?

rugby boots have 8 studs soccer boots have 6

What is the difference between boots and uggs?

Ugg boots are are just more expensive than other boots

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