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c: is that partition of ur harddisk from where ur system boots and d drive is any other partition.

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Q: What is the difference between drive c and d on the computer hardrive?
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What is the difference between an internal and external hardrive?

An internal hard drive is mounted inside a computer. An external hard drive is mounted in a box separate from the computer and connected to the computer by a wire. The actual hard disc can be identical it is just the location that is the difference.

How do get inside the computer to get to the hard drive?

it depends on what kind of computer you have, butreally you just would open the computer case, then unscrew the hardrive from the bracket and there you go.

What do you do if you are trying to burn a DVD and the computer says it cannot detect a drive?

you probably don't have the right hardrive for it.

How do you delete all prohgrammes off a hardrive?

Best way to do this is to simply reformat your computer/hard drive.

What does a computer hardrive do and its use?

A Hard drive (or Hard disk Drive) is one of the main components of a computer. The HDD contains your operating system, all of your personal files, almost everything that makes your computer run.

Can you get a hard drive in a Xbox core?

Arcade = no hardrive Pro = 60 gb hardrive Elite = 120 gb hardrive

How much is a computer hardrive?

It depends on how much information can be stored on the hard drive. The larger the storage capacity of the hard drive, the more $$ it's going to cost you.

What is the difference between drive and machine?

what is the difference between drive and machine

What is the difference between pen drive and thumb drive?

There is not a difference between a pin drive and a thumb drive.

How do i format my Maxtor External hardrive?

Plug it in to your computer. Go to "My Computer." when it shows up as the F: G: or whatever drive right click it and click format.

What does an external hardrive do?

An external hard drive is a device similar to your computer's hard drive. The difference is that it is portable. You can save files on it and it can be connected to most other computers.

What is the difference between an internal and an external harddrive?

An internal hard drive is contained in the computer. On the other hand, an external hard drive is something like a USB that is a hard drive outside a computer.

When i plug in my hardrive an icon doesn't show in my computer Why?

There are only three reasons that I know of. The first is: the hard-drive has to much memory for the computer to handle. The second is: The hard-drive and/or your computer in infected with a virus. The third is: The hard-drive is fairly new, while the computer is fairly old. I hope these helped!

What is the difference between computer peripherals and computer accessories?

Often the two are used interchangeably but they really are not. A peripheral is a piece of equipment that the computer communicates with (mouse, display, printer, external drive, etc.) while an accessory is something that is not communicated with (mouse pad, computer cover, computer desk, etc.). I hope this helps.

What is the difference between floppy disc and hard drive?

Floppy disc is a removable media while the hard drive is fixed on the computer , that is the MAJOR difference, tows are magnetic if you are looking for similarities.

What is difference between servo drive and variable freqency drive?

there is no difference.

Is hard drive recovery possible from home?

Yes is possible to do a hard drive recovery from home. If you had your files backed up on an extrenal hardrive it would just be a manner of placing them back on your computer once you reinstall windows. If you did not have your files backed up, it may still be possible to recover the files if you get a usb connector for the hardrive and special hardrive recovery software which is available to download on the internet.

Is laptop repair necessary when a hard drive crashes?

Yes you will need to get a usb connector and software to recovery all the files on your hardrive and transfer them to another computer. Next time make sure you have everything backed up on another hardrive.

What is a internal and external hard drive?

A hard drive on a computer is the part that stores all of your saved data. The difference between internal and external hard drives is that an internal hard drive is inside the casing of your computer and an external hard drive is on the outside.

What is the difference between software and computer hardware?

Software are programs that will stay on your computer, and have no physical manifestation. Hardware is something you can touch, such as a hard drive, or a keyboard.

Can you download games onto an external hard drive and then play them from the hardrive?

Yes you can and the bonus with doing that is you can play them on another computer as long as it has a USB connection

How do you clear out a hardrive?

For Windows users select START>>COMPUTER>>Right click on the desired drive to format(careful! this will delete everything!) select format...

Do you need a flash drive to get onto xbox LIVE?

No just put the profile on your inside memory OR hardrive (HDD or HD) do not need a flash drive only if you dnt have hardrive.

Difference between internal storage and external storage of a computer system and give examples of each?

Internal storage is storage inside a computer, like a hard drive. External storage is storage outside a computer, like a Flash drive.

What is the difference between a hard drive and a mother board?

Hard drive is where all of your data is saved, it's a hardware component of your computer. The mother board is where all of these components are connected to your computer and allows them to work together.