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The terminology E.M.F is the voltage output of a power source e.g a transformer bank, generator. As relates to potential difference it's a linear electrical field strenght between 2 points. E.g the charged plates of a capacitor.

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Can terminal potential difference be greater than the emf supplied?

yes,terminal pd can be greater than its emf only when it is loaded.

What is potential difference pd emf or voltage is measured in?

They are each measured in volts (V).

Three similarities between pd and emf?

Both emf and pd have the same unit. namely volt Both have the same definition. It is the work performed in moving unit positive charge right from one point to the other against the electric field. Both are got by the product of current and resistance. But emf is the pd across of a cell or source when it is not in action. So emf is slightly greater than the pd in the circuit as there may be a little bit of internal resistance.

What is difference between voltage and emf?

EMF stands for Electromotive force. EMF is measured in units of volts.

Difference between back EMF and induced EMF?

Backemf is supply voltage not apoosed

What are the differences between potential difference and emf?

emf is present mainly in battery and potential difference is mainly present in circuit. emf is greater than p.d and p.d is greater than emf.......the units of both are Volt.....

What is the Difference between emf and mmf in electromagnetics?

emf is electromotive force mmf is magnetic motive force emf drives electon where as mmf drives magnetic field

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Why is an arc or spark produced when an inductive load is switched off?

when inductive load is switched off then current decreases as a result emf induced in the inductor or as whole of the circuit. There is air between switch and circuit wire. Emf tends to jump from higher pd to lower pd so air become ionised and spark is prouced

What is the difference between emf and mmf?

EMF is the Electromotive force and is measured in volts. MMF is magnetomotive force and is the cause of magnetic flux in a circuit.

What are the fundamental differences between electromotive force and potential difference?

Potential difference needs charge carriers, where as emf does not.

What unit of measure that expresses potential difference between two electrodes in a battery?


What is the difference between the emf of a battery and the lost volts when discharging called?

Internal resistance

What is the measurement of electrical pressure?

Electrical pressure is the difference in electrical potential between two points with or without current flow. Without current flow it known as an EMF (electro motive force E) with current flow it is described as a potential difference (pd V). Both are measured in volts (symbol V).

What is thermo emf?

when 2 different cpnducting materials r brought together and given a supply, there exist a potential difference between the 2.since these are 2 differt materials and an emf will be induced which is called thermo emf

What is the difference between Counter-electromotive force and back emf?

They are Same for dc motor

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What is the potential difference between two points in a circuit is called?

Voltage. EMF - Electro magnetic force

What is the difference between EMF and terminal PD?

An electromotive force is the potential differenceappearing across the terminals of a battery, generator, etc., when that device is not supplying any load. When the device is supplying a load current, the electromotive force is equal to the sum of the voltage drops around the complete circuit, including any internal voltage drop.A potential difference (also known as a 'voltage'), as the name implies, is the difference in potential between two points.

What is the emf for the cell?

The difference in reactivity of the electrodes.

Difference between voltage and emf?

'Voltage' is simply another term for 'potential difference', and an electromotive force is the open-circuit, or no-load, potential difference of a source such as a battery or generator.

If a conductor placed in electric field is there any emf induced in the conductor?

emf is the energy which is only there tf theur is some potential difference so no emf

A difference between electric forces and gravitational forces is that electrical forces include?

Electro-magnetism, or the electromotive force - EMF.

What does water pd mean?

pressure difference