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equality does not change signs

inequalities do for greater than or less than equations

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Q: What is the difference between equality and inequality?
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How do you make this 437-3x in-equality?


Can equality or inequality define the interval on a number scale?

An equality defines a specific point (or points). An inequality can define an interval.

What is an inequaity?

An inequality can be defined as a difference in size, degree, circumstances, and so forth. It can also mean lack of equality. Some synonyms are: imbalance, inequality, inconsistency,bias .prejudice and discrimination.

What is the difference between Inequality and disportionality?


What is the different between equation and inequality?

An equation is a mathematical that asserts theequality of two expressions. An inequality is a relation that holds between two values when they are different.

Rise in gini coefficient leads to?

The Gini coefficient is a measure of equality expressed as a value between 1 and 0. 0 represents perfect equality and 1 represents perfect inequality. Therefore a rise in the Gini coefficient results in an increase in inequality.

What rhymes with inequality?

Quality, equality,

What is prefixes for Equality?


What is the difference between intranational inequality and international inequality?

International inequality is the wide gap between rich countries and poor countries and how that gap is constantly increasing. Intranational inequality on the other hand is the gap between the rich and the poor within the less developed countries.

Is -4 a solution to the inequality x4?

x^4 is not an inequality. (An inequality has a "bigger than or equal to/less than or equal to/less than/bigger than" sign involved. I.e not an "equals" sign, since this would be an "equality"). But x^4 is not an equality, nor an inequality.

What is the difference between the concept of intra-ethnic inequality in income distribution and inter-ethnic inequality in income distribution?


What is the solution for the in equality 3x-11?

That is not an inequality. An inequality must have <, >, <=, >=.

What is the difference between algebraic solution and graphical solution to an equation?

whats the difference between solving an inequality by algebriac vs graphical

What is the difference between education and equality?

you were supposed to answer my ? dumbo. $#@% you

What is the difference between a compound inequality using the word and and compound inequality using the word or?

The difference between them is that when solving an "and" inequality you are comparing two inequalities and when you are solving an "or" inequality you dont compare, you only use one inequality example of "and" . 2<x+3<7 example of "or" . 4<d or m<1

How did nelson Mandela fought against inequality?

with equality

What does inequality mean?

Inequality is the relation between two objects that are not equal. It can describe a difference in size, wealth, power or any physical features.

What happens to the inequality symbol when you multiply each side by zero?

The inequality degenerates to an equality, with significant loss of information.

How do you solve x equals 0 inequality?

"x equals 0" is an equality, not an inequality. The question is, therefore, not consistent.

Why gender advocacy fail to remove gender inequality?

gender advocacy fails to remove gender inequality because there is no how we can bring equality taking sides when addressing some issues. Favors are not given equally. gender advocacy cannot be seen as equality of genders, however it can go a long way towards resolving gender inequality already in existence, in order to properly answer this question one must first address the issue of the definition of equality and how it applies, overall equality does not provide for an equality of outcomes which is why gender advocacy does not adhere to equality, it can still provide equality.

What is the difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes?

my getting here hoping to find an answer to the question is an example of the equality of opportunity and my being asked to answer the question myself is an example of the equality of outcomes

What are the causes of Gender Equality?

political causes of gender inequality.

What is 4b 3-9?

It looks like a meaningless collection of letter and numbers. There is no mathematical operator between 4b and 3, there is no sign of equality of or inequality.

What is the difference between an inequality and a number sentence?

a number sentence contains an equal sign

Explain in your own words the difference between compound inequalities with and and those with or?

An inequality with "and" is true if BOTH inequalities are true. Inequality with "or" is true if ONE of the inequalities are true.