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What is the difference between ext3 and ntfs?



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The Linux ext2 filesystem gets its performance from having an asynchronous mount. You can mount FreeBSD UFS filesystems as asynchronous but this is very dangerous and no seasoned Unix admin would do this. It's amazing that Linux is designed this way by default. Often a hard carsh permanently damages a mount. FreeBSD or Solaris can sustain a very hard crash with only minor data loss, and the filesystem will be remountable with few problems. There are several new journaling filesystems in development for Linux that will fix some of these issues, but these will not be ready for the 2.4 release of Linux. The Microsoft FAT filesystem and the newer NTFS are both plagued by over 15 years of backwards compatability with the earliest of PC-based filesystems. These filesystems were not designed for today's demanding server applications, they weren't even designed with a multi-user OS or networking in mind!