What is the difference between fascism and capitalism?

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April 10, 2016 1:58AM


Capitalism is an economic system where the capital, or means of production (including property and natural resources) is owned and controlled by private citizens. The government's participation in a capitalist economy includes the issuing of money, the supervision of public utilities, and enforcement of private contracts. The main hope for government is to increase efficiency through policies and the prohibition of unfair business practices. However, the concept of capitalism differs vastly from its actual practice.

While analysts and scholars are still unable to define a fascist economy, one may still follow characteristics that fascist countries have shared. Fascist economies oppose international socialism as well as liberal capitalism. The result was a middle ground between the two ideals known as "dirigisme" -- an economic term where the government allows citizens private property and private initiative, but has directive influence and control over production and the allocation of resources. Most fascist movements aim for the elimination of autonomy and discourage international trade (while capitalist and most socialist economies support the latter). Fascist economies are often oppressive and militaristic while encouraging of social and economic inequalities.