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figs grow on a fig tree and taste best fresh. I have a fig tree in my year in Texas. dates grow on a date palm in more warm environments. dried figs in the store are generally imported.

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What is the Difference between taste fig and date?

I've never eaten a fresh date, so I can't say about fresh dates, but dried dates have a stronger, prune like flavor in comparison to a dried fthe difference would be like the difference in apples and pears. dates and figs are two different fruits.and i personally like dried figs better than dates.

What is the difference between prunes dates and figs?

Prunes are dried fruit and dates are a type of fruit that can be eaten raw or dried and come from a date tree. a fig comes a flowering plant.

What is grown in Egypt figs apples dates or grapes?

dates, figs and grapes

What plants are grown in Egypt figs apples dates or grapes?

Dates and figs

What fruits are grown are grown in Egypt apples dates grapes or figs?

Dates and figs

Where are some fruits grown?

figs apples dates and grapes figs apples dates and grapes

What fruits grow in Egypt figs apples dates grapes?

Figs and dates grow in Egypt

What fruits are grown in Egypt figs apple dates or grapes?

figs and dates are grown in Egypt

What fruits grow in Egypt figs apples dates or grapes?

Figs and dates grow in Egypt

Can you substitute figs for dates in a recipe?

Figs can be substituted for dates in recipes. In addition to figs, you can substitute raisins or any other dried fruits for dates. The taste of the dish will change with substitution.

What is the flavor difference between figs and dates?

Dates, which come from date palms, are dense and sweet and have a mild flavor. They are a bit grainy on the inside with a skin that you can eat. They are eaten as a dried fruit. Figs, which come from fig trees, vary in taste depending on the variety of tree. They are usually cooked in syrup and also have a mild flavor. Both are good for you.

What food was famous in ancient Egypt?

dates and figsthe dates used to on the ends of the Nile river on trees and so did the figs.

What fruits were grown in Egypt?

figs or dates

What are the food eaten in egypt?

dates and figs.

Do figs and dates taste the same?


What are the benefits of eating figs and dates?

Figs and dates are both dried fruits which are packed with vitamins and minerals. Because they are calorically dense, however, they should be eaten in small quantities.

What dried fruit is a good substitute for figs?

You could use raisins or sultanas but dates will also work as a good substitute for figs.

How are dates grown?

Dates (or figs) grow naturally on a special type of palm trees.

What fruits are grown in Egypt?

dates, apples, and figs.apples

Where did ancient Egypt get there food from?

Fish, mutton, Jews, beef, figs, bread, beer, meat, wheat, honey, vegetables, Figs and dates.

Are dates and figs related?

No. Dates come from the Phoenix dactylifera palm, while figs come from Ficus carica. The Ficus is a dicotolydon tree, while palms are more closely related to grasses.

What info do you have on ancient egyptians desserts?

They ate figs and dates etc.

How do you do sig figs?

if a zero is before the first nonzero number, exclude it. ex: .00023 is 2 sig figs. count any zeros after the number and between. ex: 2.00530 is 6 sig figs.

Symbiotic relationship between figs and fig wasps?

it is mutualism :)

What is the relationship between figs and fig wasps?

something symbiotic