What is the difference between first baptist and southern baptist?


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The title 'First Baptist' is assigned to the literal 'first' baptist church established in the area.

Southern Baptist is a denomination. There are many Baptist denominations. As such a Southern Baptist church CAN be called "First Baptist" if they were the first Baptist church in the town. However, the First Baptist Church in the denomination could be a different Baptist denomination.

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1st Baptist churches are not a separate denomination they are the first Baptist church that was established in a certain town or city. Most 1st Baptist churches are southern Baptist (although outside of the south this is not always true). As Southern Baptist churches most 1st Baptist church believe in the basic tenants of the Southern Baptist Convention as laid out in the Baptist Faith and Message.

Possibly, but 1st Baptist is just the name of a local church. They may or may not belong to the Southern Baptist Association. They may be an independent church.

Nothing, a church being called first baptist means that it was the first baptist church founded in that towns history. Second Baptist would mean that it was the next to be started after the first baptist church. Most of the baptist that would be second baptist took other names so there aren't many churches named second baptist church out there. Richmond, VA has a sixth bpatist church...perhaps they took it a little bit to far.

As a senior in high school he was a member of the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL., which is Southern Baptist.

Information on Baptist Churches across the Globe can be found on the Southern Baptist Convention web site Information on online services and interactive experiences can be found on the site of First Baptist Church of Williamson.

Missionary Baptist Churches do not believe in denominations or the invisible governance of another higher organization. They believe that the management of the churches should be independent of each other and therefore visible. Churches of these kind trace back their church authority through the chain of churches to the early Christian churches of the first century.Southern Baptist churches are churches linked to the Southern Baptist Convention, an organization of churches and pastors who plant new churches and manage them through the local convention mission.. therefore each church organized are not independent in local management. There is also a question here of church authority which could not be traced back to the early Christians because said authority stops at the convention.

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First Baptist Church of Tarrytown was created in 1881.

First Baptist Church of Wheaton was created in 1864.

First Baptist Academy of Dallas was created in 1972.

First Baptist Church of Detroit was created in 1827.

First Baptist Church of Jacksonville was created in 1838.

First Baptist Church of Weedsport was created in 1839.

Jerome First Baptist Church was created in 1931.

First Baptist Church of Fairport was created in 1872.

First Baptist Church of Mumford was created in 1852.

First Baptist Church of Ossining was created in 1786.

First Baptist Church of Deerfield was created in 1811.

First Baptist Congregational Church was created in 1871.

First Baptist Church of Deanwood was created in 1938.

First Baptist Church of Gilmanton was created in 1842.

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