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What is the difference between formulae and formulas?

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Formula is the singular form of formulae and formulas, it depends which English you're speaking. e.g British English or American English.

American --> formulas

British -->formulae

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plural of formula is formulae

Molecules with the same molcular formulae but differing structural formulae are called isomers.

You can say Formulas or Formulae.

There are many different formulas and equations for algebra.

names and formulae how are they reconised

There are thousands of formulae that are used.

You 'll find all Algebra formulae on the following link.

Kurt Gieck has written: 'A collection of technical formulae' 'Electronic Gieck's Engineering Formulas' 'Technical Formulae'

Chemical symbols are given to elements and chemical formulae are given to compounds.

They are called formulas (Latin plural formulae).

"Formula" is singular; the plural forms is formulae or formulas.

Different chemical formulas represent different chemical substances.

A. formulaii B. The above is incorrect. "Formulae" and "formulas" are correct.

There were thousands of mathematicians who discovered mathematical formulae over the years.

Formulas or formulae is the plural of formula. Both are acceptable

The plural form of the noun formula is formulae or formulas, both are accepted.

Excel formulae start with the equal sign (=).

Because that is the definition of a constant. Moreover, if it changed in different formulae then those formulae would either not work or they would be inconsistent.

There are a lot more that 3 different formulas in Excel. The amount of formulas that can be done is limitless.

There are over 100 formulae in every branch of mathematics, wich means almost 10 thousand formulas. Nobody knows them all ...yet.

The plural possessive form is formulas'.Example: Many of the formulas' consistencies were unsuitable.If used in a math or science context, the plural of formula is "formulae" so the possessive would be "formulae's"

There are formulae based on regression analyses but they vary between species and, for species that reproduce sexually, the formulae will very often differ between genders.

Alumina is the oxide of aluminum. The molecular formulas are "Al2O3" and "Al" respectively.

When you are using mathematical formulas, it is good to know the difference. For example finding the circumference or area of a circle.

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