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In front wheel drive the traction comes from the front wheels while in rear wheel drive traction power comes from the rear wheels.

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Q: What is the difference between front and rear wheel drive?
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What is the difference between awd and fwd?

AWD = All Wheel Drive FWD = Front Wheel Drive

What is the difference between front wheel drive and a back wheel drive car?

Which wheels provide motive power.

How can you tell the difference between two wheel drive and four wheel drive just by looking?

two wheel drive front end sits lower to the ground

What is the difference between a 1989 Cadillac Brougham and a fleetwood brougham?

Fleetwood Brougham is rear wheel drive. Cadillac Fleetwood is front wheel drive

What is the Difference between front wheel drive 3800 and rear wheel drive 3800?

The power is being routed to either the front or the rears. I believe that the front wheel drive is more commuter car friendly and the rear wheel drive leans a little toward sporty/performance based cars.

What is the difference between front wheel drive and two wheel drive?

A front wheel drive vehicle is only driven with the front wheels. It will have a transmission in the front with drive lines attached. A two wheel drive vehicle is any vehicle that is only driven by two wheels. It can be a front or rear wheel vehicle. For instance. My dodge ram 1500 v6 is two wheel drive from the rear. An Oldsmobile cutlas cirea is two wheel drive but in the front. I hope this helped. Derek

What is the difference between wheel loader and front end loader?

Difference between Front End Loader and Wheel Loader

Is there a difference in a Rear wheel drive and front wheel drive engine block?

No, Only The transmission is different.

1993 Chevy truck-front wheel bearings?

2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive? It makes a difference.

Difference between rear wheel drive wheels and front wheel drive wheels?

That is an old style of saying that a wheel is low offset rear w/drive like a old car or hi offset front w/drive like a new honda civic.

Is 300m front or rear wheel drive?

Front Wheel Drive. Front wheel drive on 1999

Is a KIA optima front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

Front wheel drive

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