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What is the difference between gnp and nni?

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Gross National Income is the total income earned by citizens of a nation wherever they are, Net National Income is a measure of the income earned by households, whether they receive it or not.

NNI = GNP - depreciation - indirect taxes

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What is the difference between GNP at market price and GNP at current price?

No difference. Both are the same.

What is the difference between GNP at market price and GNP at curent price?

No difference. Both are the same.

What is the difference between GNP at current price and GNP at constant price?

it is the same

What is the difference between GNP at market price and GNP at factor cost?

GNP at factor cost refers to income which the factors of production receive in return for their service alone. GNP at FC = GNP at Market Price - Net Indirect Taxes + Subsidies

What is the difference between the current GNP and real GNP?

The actual one is the one that the government uses and the real gnp is the one that is well the real one just not the one the government goes by.

What is the difference between GDP ndp and gnp?

whatever product is produced and sales in our country that is called GDP,selling tothe othe country that is called GNP

What is turkey's GNP and GDP?

i have a homework about turkey's gnp between 1923 to 2013

What are the disadvantages of GNP?

Sorry I only have one but it is the main one: It does not show the difference in wealth between people and places in a country.

What is the difference in value between what a nation imports and what it exports?

You may referring to a given country's GNP, or Gross National Product.

What is the difference between the CPI and the GNP?

The CPI measures changes in prices over time while the GDP measures changes in production.

What is difference between GNP and NNP?

GNP: Former measure of the United States economy; the total market value of goods and services produced by all citizens and capital during a given period (usually 1 yr). NNP:is not a word.

What is the relationship between gross national product GNP and human development index?

gnp is married to human development

When cyclical unemployment increases does the gap between real GNP and potential GNP increase or decrease or stay the same?


What does NNI stand for?

Net National Income

Distinguish between GNP and GDP?

GNP = GDP + net receipts from foreigners to domestic companies - net receipts from home to foreign companies

What is the similarities between gDP and GNP?

business,economic forecasting

How much did the GNP increase between 1945 and 1960?


What does GNP stand for?

Acronym DefinitionGNP Gross National Product (total value of a nation's goods and services)GNP Grand National Party (South Korea)GNP Glacier National Park (USA)GNP Gerontological Nurse PractitionerGNP Geriatric Nurse PractitionerGNP Geographic Number PortabilityGnP Ground 'n Pound (fighting tactic)GNP Gender-Neutral PronounGNP Guardia Nazionale PadanaGNP Graduate Nurse PractitionerGNP Good News ProjectGNP Gross National Parade (Washington, DC annual event)GNPGoin Postal GNPGreatest Number PrincipleGNP Great Network Product

How did the Gross National Product (GNP) of the US change between 1940 and 1944?

Before, it was agriculturally based. Afterwards, it was industrially based.

What is the difference between GDP and GNP?

GDP is the value of total goods and services produced by a country in a given year. It includes government spending and net exports GNP is arrived at by adding the income earned by residents from abroad to the GDP and deducting the income received by foreigners from the domestic market.

What is advantage of GNP?

GNP?? What are you talking about??

What is the GNP of Rwanda?

The GNP of Rwanda is $1.89bn

Current gnp and real gnp?


What the GNP of Rwanda?

GNP= $1.89 Billion

Decline in the GNP?

That is a drop in the amount of GNP.