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In English law, there is a range of non-fatal offences regulated by the Offences Against the Person Act. The offences are of varying degrees of severity beginning with 'common assault' (the least serious), 'assault occasioning actual bodily harm' (ABH), and the most serious 'assault occasioning grievous bodily harm' (GBH). Surface injuries, such as bruises and grazes, fall within the category of ABH, while more serious injuries, such as broken bones, are categorised as GBH. Examples of ABH: loss or breaking of teeth temporary loss of sensory functions extensive or multiple bruising minor fractures and cuts requiring stitches psychiatric injury going beyond fear, distress or panic Examples of GBH: injury resulting in some permanent disability or visible disfigurement broken or displaced limbs or bones injuries requiring blood transfusion or lengthy treatment

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What is a sentence with the word ''grievous''?

Ramming my car into your house was a grievous error.

What are GBH charges?

GBH = Grievous Bodily Harm

What does grievous mean?

Grievous means causing grief, pain, or anguish. To cause grievous bodily harm is to cause severe injury, normally physical injury.

How much jail time will you get for getting in a fight?

It depends on the circumstances, did you start the fight, or were you the victim, what injuries were sustained, were weapons used? In the UK the possible charges would be affray, common assault, aggravated assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, grievous bodily harm, grievous bodily harm with intent. The maximum sentence would be five years for an assault-related conviction

What is grievous arm?

I think you meant to write "grievous harm." Grievous bodily harm is a term of art in English criminal law, which makes it a crime punishable by jail to inflict "grievous bodily harm" on another person. Such harm usually means an injury that breaks the skin, breaks a bone or damages internal organs.

What is GBH the crime?

GBH is shorthand for "Assualt causing Grievous Bodily Harm"

What is another word for physical attack?

Assault, grievous bodily harm, battery.

What are the ratings and certificates for Grievous Bodily Harm - 1988?

Grievous Bodily Harm - 1988 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M Belgium:16 (video rating) Iceland:16 USA:R West Germany:16

What is grievous error?

definition of grievousWhat are red words ?Using the thesaurusADJECTIVE FORMAL /ˈɡriːvəs/Related dictionary definitionsgrievous bodily harmNOUNextremely serious or severe a grievous injuryHe has made a grievous error.Synonyms or related words for this meaning of grievous:serious, severe, extreme, awful, grave... more

What is the penalty for assault in the UK?

Here's some information on penalties. It depends on the degree of the assault, i.e. common assault, actual bodily harm and grevious bodily harm Racially-aggravated assault (Maximum penalties) malicious wounding/grievous bodily harm 2 years imprisonment and fine actual bodily harm 7 years imprisonment and fine common assault 2 years imprisonment and fine http://www.plymouth.gov.uk/cda-part2 Also, even if a racially motivated component cannot be proved, then the offence can still be prosecuted as common assault, ABH or GBH

What is the difference between an organ and a muscle?

an organ is a system that helps your bodily functions. a muscle helps you work and move.

What is difference between body fluid and saliva?

Saliva is what you lube my dick with. Bodily fluid is what comes out when I stab you for not swallowing.

What is the difference between involuntary manslaughter and manslaughter?

The difference between manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter is that voluntary manslaughter requires an intent to kill someone or cause serious bodily harm while involuntary manslaughter does not.

What are the release dates for Lie to Me - 2009 Grievous Bodily Harm - 2.5?

Lie to Me - 2009 Grievous Bodily Harm - 2.5 was released on: USA: 26 October 2009 Australia: 3 November 2009 UK: 5 November 2009 Ukraine: 15 December 2009 Hungary: 19 July 2010 Germany: 6 October 2010 Japan: 8 March 2011

What is the difference between injury and great bodily harm?

US only: "Injury" can infer any kind of damage, whether its financial, reputation, loss of a job, loss of revenue, etc. "Bodily injury" is a type of injury that is explicitly harm to the body of the person. "Great" bodily harm or "Serious bodily injury" and other such terms are gradations of bodily injury that are usually established by state statutes.

What is the difference between anethesia and analgesics?

analgesics: don't always stop pain completely. Anesthesia: total or partial loss of bodily sensations.

What is the major difference between positive and negative feedback?

Positive feedback causes bodily processes to continue; negative feedback causes bodily processes to start or stop only cost you being in my basement

What are the synonyms for bodily?

physical, material, actual, substantial, tangible, corporal, carnal, corporeal

What is difference between the excretory system and the respiratory system?

respiratory deals with the exchange of gases in the lungs and blood excretory has to do with collecting and eliminating bodily wastes

What is the difference between structural and physiological adaptations?

structural would be bodily changes and adaptations, while phisiological would be changes in the way something's brain works.

How much time will one spend in jail for committing grievous bodily harm on a police officer?

Definitely a felony offense. You would have to research the laws of your particular state for the maximum sentence under the law.

Is circumcision of infants and children assault occasioning actual bodily harm?

Not only is it assault occasioning actual bodily damage it is also theft the foreskins of little children are in strong demand and are sold for a considerable amount of money by the doctors that that charge the parents to remove them.

What are four synonyms listed for bodily?

physical, material, actual, substantial, tangible, corporal, carnal, corporeal

What is the difference between a parasite and a symbiont?

a parasite is the organism that feeds off their prey but the prey gets nothing in return a symbiont fuses with the holder without harm or bodily harm

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