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What is the difference between gross salary and cost to company?

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Answer: Gross salary is what you should see on your paycheck stub before taxes and voluntary deductions. Cost to the company is your gross salary plus their portion of taxes, workers comp, and unemployment insurance with any benefits they pay

its same

but 1 possible difference might be.. the gross salary and actual cost to employer are not same because of eventual tax saving..as wage and salary are normally as allowable expenses for tax purpose.

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What is the relationship between gross salary and cost-to-company?

what is the difference between gross salary and CTC

What is the Difference between gross salary and basic salary?

There are several differences between gross salary and basic salary. Basic salary is the agreed upon rate of pay discussed between employer and employee which does not include overtime or any other forms of extra compensation. Gross salary is the salary paid before taxes that include overtime pay, holiday pay, and shift differentials if applicable.

What is gross emolument Is it the same as gross salary?

Gross Emoluments is not the same as Gross salary. Gross salary refers to the money the employee receives. Gross emoluments is the gross sum of all money the company spends on the employee, including training and taxes.

What is the difference between gross profit and selling gross?

What is the difference between delivered gross, gross profit and selling gross?

What is difference between gross salary and net salary?

Let's say your employer agrees to pay you $1000 per month, and then (for example) 20% of that is deducted for taxes and social benefits, so you only get $800. The gross salary is the salary before the deductions. In the above example, 1000. The net salary is after the deductions. In the example, 800.

Gross salary in India?

gross salary=net salary+deduction

What is difference between gross working capital and net working capital?

Gross working capital is the amount company invested in current assets while net working capital is the difference between current assets and current liabilities.

If you get paid a salary income from a company is that amount gross pay or net pay?

Any salary a company pays you is always before taxes. So if a company offers $600/wk salary, that is before taxes. Your paycheck will reflect the net amount, and the net will be the same since you have the same gross for each paycheck.

What does yearly gross salary mean?

what does salary gross mean

What is the difference of gross salary between net salary?

Gross salary is the headline salary that an employee is paid prior to any deductions. Net salary is what is actually paid into the employees bank account after deductions, the deductions could include some of the following: * Taxation * National Insurance * Pension Contributions * Union Subscriptions * Student loan repayments For exmple a job might be advertised as paying £20,000 pa, this is the gross salary, however after deductions the employee might receive £14,000 pa, this is the next salary

Difference between net irrigated area and gross irrigated area?

difference between gross irrigated area and net irrigated area

What is the difference between material breach and gross negligence?

differences between gross negligence material breachdifferences between gross negligence material breach

Is base salary nett or gross?

Your gross annual income is your base salary.

When the Monthly salary is 2100 what is the annual gross salary?

Whwn the monthly net salary is £2100, what is the annual gross salary ?

What is the difference between net and gross values?

As far as my knowledge goes, the difference between net and gross values is that the gross value is the value before deductions, while net is basically after deductions from your gross value. Hope it helps!

Does gross salary include overtime?

yes, any overtime is included in gross salary

What is the gross annual salary for 7.50?

what is the gross annual salary of £7.50 hourly rate

Distinguish between net profit and gross profit?

Gross profit is difference between revenues and direct expenses related to the product while net profit is the difference between gross profit and other operating indirect expenses.

What is your year salary?

Your years salary is called your gross salary

What will be the gross salary?

Fci ag-iii quality inspectors gross salary how much in 2014

What is a salary net of tax?

This is termed as your "Gross Salary" or "Net Salary".

What is base salary versus gross salary?

Base salary would be the basic minimum amount promised. Gross salary would include overtime, bonuses, etc.

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