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They are more or less interchangeable, hair color is a broader term though as it can sometimes refer to hair lighteners like bleach, as well as hair dyes. So hair dye is a type of hair color. Hair color is anything that changes the color of your hair. Hair dye deposits color into your hair.

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What is difference between color and dye?

If you are talking about hair Color stay in longer and it looks more natural to me , dye is when you put a certain kind of color in your hair that does really last long and it is also about the product you use to ....

What is the difference between blond and brown dye?

One will dye your hair blonde and one will dye your hair brown.

What color should you dye you hair?

There is no color you "should" dye your hair...it's whatever color you want to dye it!

What is the difference between hair dye and intensifiers?

Hair dye is the initial stage. The intensifiers are used later if desired to boost your colour.

How do you care hair whiteness?

DYE DYE DYE! Dye your hair its original color it will look natural.

Can you dye your hair when breastfeeding?

can you you dye your hair when breastfeeding with store bought hair color?

If you dye your hair will your original hair color grow back?

It depends on the type of hair dye you used. If it is the temporary hair dye, then your original hair color will come back. If it is permanent hair dye, it might grow back, or it might not.

How often can you change your hair color?

You can change your hair color when ever you would like because you can buy hair dye for your hair. So you can dye your hair any time when you buy the dye.

Do you have to dye your hair blonde to dye it purple?

no, your natural hair can be any color to dye it purple.

How do you find out what hair color to dye your hair for the first time?

what color should i dye my hair if im brunette and is for the first time

Does hair dye make your hair less curly?

No, hair dye does not make your hair less curly. Hair dye changes the color of your hair, not the curliness of your hair.

How do you dye over hair dye on eyebrows?

you can only dye them darker than the color there dyed, color will not remove color.

Why did sunohara dye his hair in clannad?

Black is sunohara's natural hair color. His sister has that hair color, and to get his job and have his house, it was required he didn't have hair dye.

If Zendaya would dye her hair what color would she dye it?

Zendaya wants to dye her hair with blue streaks.

Can guinea pigs hair change color?

no but you can dye it no but you can dye it

How do you remove red dye from hair?

dye it a different color

Does sheamus dye his hair?

no his hair color is red

How can you get the dye out of your hair?

Usually what I do to get hair dye out of my hair is to bleach it, then dye it to your original color (or close to it), and just let it grow out. I hope I helped :)

Can you mix henna and chemical hair dye to color your greys?

you dont need henna to dye your hair you can use thechemical hair dye

Why did Chelsea Staub dye her hair blonde?

Chelsea Staub did not dye her hair blonde, that is her real hair color.

Did she change her hair color?

Fergie did dye her hair brunette, because she said that she was blonde for awhile and she wanted to dye it a different color.

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