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What is the difference between histrionic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder?


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September 14, 2011 9:27AM

Histrionic focuses on personalities which exhibit excessive attention seeking. Borderline personalities focus on destructive lack of emotional control.

People with bpd (borderline personality disorder) and people with histrionic personality disorder both exhibit the inability to identify themselves without other people.

People with a histrionic personlity disorder are known to go with what other people believe and basically adopt others viewpoints as their own without being able to logically intellectualize or really understand the actual details that go with whatever opinion or belief they make their own. Constantly need other's approval. Can't rely on their own judgments or ideas.

Bpd's on the other hand, actually question what it is they do believe in and what their place in this world really is. Both personality types obviously lack the ability to identify themselves. However, those with bpd actually seem to question their chamillion like ways and perceptions.