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What is the difference between indoor and outdoor basketballs?


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one is street and the other is nba ball

AnswerThat is neither clear nor correct. There are many indoor balls that are not NBA balls. Furthermore, that does not tell the differences in their properties.

For what I can estimate, outdoor balls react better in all sorts of temperatures and contain more of the inner heat for if you leave a ball out in the cold, while the indoor balls will react differently (that they will lose some of their properties, such as how well it bounces, because of the cold air). Also, outdoor balls react better to moisture (without the ball absorbing so much of it) and to dirt and dust without it sticking to the ball, but that is only from my experience of dribbling an indoor ball in the church/school parking lot. I also believe that indoor balls have a better grip and a deeper seam. Also, the covers of the indoor balls are more likely to wear and tear if used outdoors -- I have a ball with all sorts of gashes in it from when I used it outside on grass and stone.

With indoor/outdoor balls, you will usually find that the grip is more comparable to the indoor ball, but it retains its properties outdoors.

ANSWER: The difference is that inside basketball is inside. And outside basketball is outside.

Answer: An outdoor basketball is made of rubber. An indoor basketball is made of leather or a leather-like synthetic. There are also indoor/outdoor balls that are made of a synthetic leather. Outdoor balls can be used anywhere, but are designed specifically for the harsh weather of outdoors and the asphalt outdoor courts. Indoor balls should only be used indoors. The weather can cause severe damage to the leather and the rough asphalt scratches it. An indoor/outdoor ball is more resilient than an indoor ball and can be used on rough courts or in wet weather. They also feel more like a leather indoor ball as opposed to the rubber outdoor ball.


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